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Suffice to say it is always better to eat organic dark chocolate. Here are a few psychological and health benefits of eating the right chocolate.


Health benefits

Controls blood sugar-

  • Surprisingly chocolate contain a compound called flavonoids. These flavonoids which help decrease insulin resistance and revive the ability of the body to use insulin properly.
  • The presence of cocoa in dark chocolate makes it suitable for diabetic people as it inhibits blood sugar levels and controls obesity.

Reduces the chance of getting cavities-

  • Dark chocolate contains theobromine which is said to harden the tooth enamel and it also helps prevent tooth decay by eliminating bacteria; thus lowering the risk of getting cavities.

Reduces the chance of heart problems –

  • The best reason for eating chocolate given that there are at least 3 people dying from heart-related issues every hour is having a healthy heart.
  • Chocolate contains flavonoids which are known to ward off strokes. People who consume chocolate regularly are less prone to problems like stroke as compared to people who do not consume chocolate on a regular basis. It leads to decrease in the risk of cardiac stroke by 20%.

In addition to reducing strokes chocolate can also reduce heart attacks. Studies reveal that having 2 or more chocolates per week may lower the risk of having a blocked artery.

Prevents cancer-

  • Free radicals lead to oxidative damage to the body.
  • Chocolates are full of antioxidants like polyphenols and many such compounds that help our body eliminate free radicals, thus preventing oxidative damage of the cells and various types of cancer.

Reduces inflammation-

  • When we eat chocolate, bacteria in the gut break down the compounds present in dark chocolate and, in turn, convert them into anti-inflammatory compounds which are helpful in lessening the inflammation in our body.

Aids in weight loss-

  • Due to slightly bitter taste, chocolate reduces cravings for salty, fatty and sweet food. Chocolate plays a crucial role in promoting fullness which prevents you from overeating and keeps your weight under check.
  • And because of this the urge to consume other sugar-containing food will be reduced thus also helping in preventing diabetes. Studies suggest that a moderate amount of chocolate on a regular intake will help reduce insulin sensitivity.

Psychological benefits

Stress buster-

  • In situations of stress it is always better to chug down a chocolate, because it has the ability to rewire our self in the brain thus helping us think clearly.

Mood enhancer-

  • Eating a bar of chocolate produces endorphin hormone in the body which gives us a feeling of happiness and pleasure. In addition, it contains natural anti-depressant known as serotonin, which relaxes our brain and nervous system when we are feeling low.

In addition, to the health benefits chocolate also has the beauty related advantages-

Improves complexion-

  • Although chocolate has the ability to improve complexion, it seems that the people of Ghana seem to care less about this wonderful ability of chocolate.

Promotes hair growth-

  • Starting from now if two to three bars are consumed on a weekly basis then by this time next year no-shave November can be celebrated with joy because chocolate has the ability to promote hair growth.

Given the fact that all these properties and special ability of chocolate are applicable only when organic dark chocolate which contains about 70% cocoa is consumed on a weekly basis; so its high time that we all choose wisely.


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