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When you consume a fulfilling bowl of soup, it benefits your health, by keeping your hunger in control for longer periods. In addition, a hot piping bowl of soup will warm your body, giving you the much-needed warmth for cold winter days.

Is soup a wholesome diet?

The answer is yes. A bowl of homemade soup contains all the necessary ingredients that can be at par with all the dietary requirements for the meal. It is a one-bowl meal only healthier. Soup has more water content, which means it has the ability to keep you full for longer period thus switching off your hungry hormones.

A good bowl of soup can contain protein in the form of chicken, salmon or natural yoghurt. Beans and green vegetables can be a great addition for their vitamin and mineral contents. For the daily requirement of carbohydrates, you can always add any grain or noodle in the soup. Add in organic seasoning to prepare a tasty bowl of soup.A bowl of soup is a reservoir of all the nutritional resources that is required to maintain a healthy diet.

The added benefit is that soups make you feel less hungry thereby making your mind think that you are not depriving yourself from food. Soups can also provide a different touch to the monotonous salad diet, which makes you hungrier.

Here are a few healthy organic soups that can cheer up your taste buds as well as your tummy.

  1. Roasted tomato Coconut Cream soup-This soup can be prepared at home with the help of freshly roasted ripe tomatoes. Make sure you use organic ingredients to taste the richness of this soup. Roast tomatoes and added coconut cream with spices and seasoning to make your winter supper more nutritious. Tomatoes are great source of potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C.


  1. Lemon coriander soup- This is primarily a soup to add the extra vitamin c in your daily meal. This is suitable for people suffering from vitamin c deficiency diseases. Lemon and coriander soup is prepared with freshly prepared organic lemon juice, coriander powder, and other spices. The inclusion of this soup in your diet can benefit your immunity as well as help in weight management.

  1. Sweet corn soup- Sweet corn soup is one of the most popular soup choices among people. This organic soup is not only high in nutrients but also great in taste. You can prepare sweet corn soup at home with fresh organic corn or buy the organic soup mixes. Both are equally good. Sweet corn soups contain healthiest form of calories that you can consume easily. Sweet corn is rich in many nutrients like Vitamin B, Folic acid, phosphorus, dietary fiber and manganese that make corn an essential part of the diet of patients suffering from cardiac diseases and cancer.

  1. Spinach soup- Spinach soups are one of the storehouses of taste as well as nutrients. They can be prepared at home with spinach, tomato, garlic and ginger. Spinach is a good source for iron and Flavonoids, which promotes heart health and strengthens body to fight against cancer. Tomato is a source of antioxidants while ginger is anti-viral and helps indigestion. Coriander also aids in digestion. Garlic on the other hand, provides antioxidants and a special compound, which has anti-cancer properties.

Therefore, prepare these organic soups to add a dash of variety to your diet and for more information click here.


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