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Basil Oil is extracted from a wide variety of Basil plants differing in colors and grown in many regions across the globe. It is particularly predominant in the Indian subcontinent as a herb in almost all households, that can treat people from a number of conditions. The use of Basil Oil in massage therapy is especially useful, as a result of which basil has found its special place in aromatherapy.

Basil oil might be available as a massage oil from a number of Basil hybrids including sweet basil, lemon basil and licorice basil. While there are close to forty different varieties of Basil and each of them have some unique qualities, the essential benefits of soothing sore muscles and skin and de-stressing the whole body are characteristic to the action of Basil Oil during massage.

Basil Oil Eases Muscular Discomfort Effectively

Whenever Basil Oil is used after a hard day or a stressful workout, it can effectively reduce stress in muscles that make them feel weak and uncomfortable. Exhausted muscles are instantly rejuvenated by the relaxing action of Basil Oil.

Basil Oil Soothes the Senses and Creates Mental Alertness

During aromatherapy massage, as Basil Oil interacts with the muscles for smoothening tightened and stressed areas, the smell of Basil can soothe the senses, making the sense of smell even sharper and create alertness in the mind. Basil Oil can naturally resolve mental fatigue effectively and in a short time span. Not only does a head massage with Basil Oil create an alert mind, but the chemical composition of Basil Oil can resolve flakes from the scalp, fight the devastating effects of sleeplessness and associated fatigue and cut down mental stress sharply. The strong herbal scent from organically grown and naturally extracted Basil Oil can clear the mind instantly and stimulate and reenergize it.

Basil Oil Massage has a profound Influence on the Spiritual Self

Basil Oil, like all aromatherapy essential oils works on the energy body to restore and balance the chakras. Balancing the chakras has a direct and profound effect on the functioning of the human body, and is able to eradicate disease much more easily than treatment on the symptomatic level. A rejuvenating massage with Basil Oil opens the solar plexus, sacral and root chakra for life force energy to flow freely. In this way Basil Oil clears away stagnant energy from the essential chakras and makes it available for use to the entire body. The stimulating effects of Basil Oil can clear the mind and help us stimulate our thinking and mental capacity.

Basil Oil Massage Benefits for Humans and Animals

As a relaxing and restorative massage tonic, Basil Oil can clear the mind and the body of energy blockages, and is especially popular as a means of holistic healing through massage therapy.Basil Oil can generally be applied in a 50:50 proportion, directly on the chakras or energy centers of the body. It can also be diffused in the room during the aromatherapy massage for a more profound effect on the senses and the mind.

Basil Oil can also be used as massage oil for animals and helps relieve their stress as well. It helps calm them down and reduce fatigue. However certain animals are very sensitive and might not react very well to the Basil Oil massage. In general, when used on animals, the Basil Oil must be used in a much more diluted form than the proportion used on humans. Also, it is extremely important to choose only organic and naturally extracted Basil Oil for use on both humans and animals. This ensures that only the natural oil penetrates the skin and damage through chemicals or chemical means of extraction is completely eliminated.

Additionally, children who are under the age of eighteen months and pregnant or nursing women might not respond well to the Basil Oil massage and in some cases might prove toxic in the above mentioned conditions. Overall, the therapeutic grade Basil Oil is best for massage and relaxation.

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