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Lemon and turmeric are the two most popular agents for fighting the effects of anti ageing and removal or reversal of pigmentation. Skin experts and manufacturers of skin creams have been employing this unique combination of natural organic herbs in their pristine form to achieve unbelievable results of anti ageing for the skin of young or middle aged women, with varying benefits according to skin type and environment.

Lemon and turmeric as anti ageing agents work in unison to resolve the effects of hyperpigmentation, among other benefits. Both the natural organic herbs have the antioxidants that fight skin degeneration from a variety of environmental factors and age related damage. In addition, the anti bacterial action of lemon and turmeric enables it to act as a mild antiseptic to reduce the possibility of infections and their anti-inflammatory action reduces pain and prevents degeneration of skin tissue.

How Turmeric Helps Remove Pigmentation and Produce Anti Ageing Effects

Turmeric has been an age old remedy for fighting the effects of ageing through its exfoliating action on dead skin cells. Traditionally, it has been used widely along with gram flour, milk or yoghurt to create a rich exfoliating and hydrating face and body pack. Such body packs when used along with tomato juice also helps fight pigmentation. The effect of turmeric on hyperpigmentation is highly impactful and helps resolve even hard to fight dark circles around the eyes and wrinkles or fine lines around the mouth area.

Turmeric is a natural healer for the skin and through its anti ageing action, fights all signs of ageing including any scars and acne that might have developed as a result of the harsh environment or natural skin damage. When used in combination with lemon juice and sandalwood or orange juice, turmeric acts as the best agent to resolve excessive secretion of oils from the skin and reverses signs of ageing effectively.

The effect of turmeric on the skin is so profound and holistic, that even scars, stretch marks, marks from burns and cracked heals can be resolved effectively through regular application of turmeric.

How Lemon Acts as an AntiAgeing and Depigmentation Agent for Flawless Skin

When lemon is combined with turmeric, it produces the best and most effective cleanser for the skin which is PH balanced and does not dry the skin out. Lemon is also an anti-inflammatory agent and an antiseptic. Lemon contains antioxidants that are naturally anti ageing and restore flawless skin that looks brighter with every application and emanates the radiance and vigor of youth.

Lemon has been used in combination with a number of ingredients found in the home to produce the effects of flawless skin. Theses include honey, egg, potato, papaya, yoghurt and oats. As a natural healer for youthful skin, the best combination with lemon turns out to be turmeric which can fight both age related marks as well as remove dark spots and scars.

The combination of lemon and turmeric acts not only towards fighting pigmentation and the effects of aged and dry, dull skin, but also acts as an astringent and improves skin tone considerably. Face creams and masks containing organically cultivated and derived lemon and turmeric in their purest form are best for getting flawless skin tone overtime. Not only does the great combination work on the skin tone, but it also minimizes the possibility of getting skin cancer, while holistically treating all kinds of wounds, inflammation and ironing out all signs of wrinkles, fine lines and cancelling out pigmented areas.

Organic face and body creams containing the goodness of lemon and turmeric are the best remedies for sagging skin that can complement your anti ageing routine effectively alongside exercise and yoga, diet and detox as well as proper sleep and self massage. When following an effective routine with natural and organic lemon and turmeric creams, you can easily look almost a decade younger owing to regular use through actual reversal of skin ageing.

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