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Human body is God’s gift and golden wrapper on this gift is our immune system. Immune system of a perfectly healthy body works in most appropriate and effective way to help waive of many infections and microbial activities. Our body’s immune system has been carved in a way to judge pathogens and every extraneous toxin from good ones that are needed by the body. So it elicits specific biochemical reactions, chain of reactions and release antibodies directed at fighting the outside entrants and removing them from the body. Given above, no one should ever fall ill but we do because our immune system gets compromised or sometimes even confused and fall off their regular path of action.

Following blog has been created to bring to light certain food categories consuming which can help boost health of immune system and indirectly making you healthier. This is important because your diet has major role in degrading or upgrading well-being levels of not only your skin, hair, organs but that of the most important natural defence mechanism of your body. Here is a list of food you can consider consuming on regular basis to improve your immune response.


This yellow coloured most common spice powder is obtained from root of curcuma plant. Turmeric has a component curcumin which has been studied to be biologically active inside the body. Most potent and elaborately studied effect of curcumin is its anti-inflammatory action. Curcumin only gives bright yellow colour to this spice and is responsible for its effectivity in bringing down inflammation or inflammatory response at almost all or any part of the body.

In Ayurveda the powder is mixed with other oils and leaf extract to make anti-septic balms or ointments for injuries. Its anti-inflammatory properties are put to use by naturopaths in treating rheumatoid and osteoarthritic pains as well. Moreover, its regular consumption has been studied to have definite boosting effect on improving strength of immune system.

Ginger and Garlic

Cholesterol lowering properties of ginger have also been in talks recently. Its most potent effect inside body is that of providing warmth to the body due to its active component ‘gingerol’. Ginger consumption on regular basis works to strengthen immune system sufficiently enough to help avoid mild infections including flu, cold, chest congestion and cough.

Garlic is rich in ‘allicin’ which is a sulphur containing compound providing its immunity boosting characters. High sulphur content of garlic gives its peculiar taste which makes it a favourite ingredient of almost all cuisines all over the world. Allicin in garlic is majorly responsible for making immune system precursors more active and sensitive towards extraneous toxins and microbes.


Spinach along with other vegetable like kale, Brussel sprouts etc. are rich sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C is most commonly known cold and flu fighter. Broccoli is another high in vitamin C food like spinach and others mentioned above which are easy, delicious and effective food components to boost immune strength of the body. Capsaicin in bell peppers is responsible for its immunity boosting action like allicin in garlic. But this beautifully coloured vegetable is a good source of vitamin C. All vegetables like above are most preferred raw or cooked minimally. When it comes to golden rule of consuming vitamin C rich food for strengthening immune system, citrus fruits including lime and lemon, gooseberries etc. are crucial to be added to diet.

Green tea

Green tea consumed as hot or even cold beverage has many health benefits and most pronounced one in improving digestion and metabolism. Apart from this major health benefit, high anti-oxidant content (Flavonoid-EGCG) of green tea gives it a special role of immunity booster as well. Also high concentration of L-theanine amino acid in green tea helps improve fighting action of body’s T-cells.

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