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Lychee is a strange and wonderful fruit with a wealth of health benefits. It is soft and pulpy, white or pink in color, and the size is usually about 2 inches high and 2 inches wide. They are highly celebrated in countries around the world because of their health and medicinal benefits, which are due to the wealth of nutrients and organic compounds present in this fascinating fruit. It is a fruit tree that can grow in tropical and subtropical climates, and is native to China. It smells very much like a flower, and is often used to flavor cocktails and dishes because of its unique scent, which is lost if not consumed fresh. The fruit is almost primarily eaten as a dessert food in Asian nations.


  1. Digestion

The significant amount of dietary fiber in lychee, as in most fruits and vegetables, helps add bulk to your stool and increases your digestive health. This helps bowel movements move through the digestive tract smoothly, and fiber also stimulates peristaltic motion of the smooth small intestine muscles, increasing the speed of food passing. It also stimulates gastric and digestive juices, so nutrient absorption is more efficient. This can reduce constipation and other gastrointestinal disorders.

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  1. Immune System

Perhaps the most significant nutrient in lychee is vitamin C, and this fruit has more than 100% of the daily requirement of ascorbic acid in a single serving. This means that your immune system gets a major boost, as vitamin C is a major antioxidant compound and is known to stimulate the activity of white blood cells, the main defensive line of your body’s immune system.


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  1. Cancer Prevention

The polyphenolic compounds and proanthocyanidins found in lychee are actually even more powerful than vitamin C in neutralizing free radicals and protecting the body from various diseases and afflictions. Free radicals are the harmful byproducts of cellular metabolism that can cause cancer, heart disease, cognitive disorders, and premature aging, among other undesirable conditions. Lychee is a rich source of these organic compounds, so can be consumed as an effective preventative measure of various cancers.


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  1. Antiviral Capacity

The proanthocyanidins in lychee have been studied extensively, and they have also demonstrated antiviral capabilities. Litchitannin A2, a compound found in lychee, has been closely connected to preventing the spread or outbreak of viruses, includes herpes simplex virus and coxsackie virus.


Gooseberry is very rich in vitamin C, which helps to effective treatment and prevention of  for viral infections.


  1. Blood Pressure

Lychee has a wealth of potassium, meaning that it can help your body maintain a fluid balance; lychee is also low in sodium, which also helps. Fluid balance is an integral part not only in metabolic functions, but also in hypertension. Potassium is considered a vasodilator, meaning that it reduces the constriction of blood vessels and arteries, thereby lowering the stress on the cardiovascular system. Potassium levels are almost three times higher in dried lychee rather than in fresh lychee.


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  1. Blood Circulation

Copper is another essential mineral found in considerable quantities in lychee, and although iron is most commonly associated with red blood cells, copper is also an integral part of RBC formation. Therefore, the copper content in lychee can boost blood circulation and increase oxygenation of the organs and cells.


Triphala helps to detoxify, cleanse and helps to maintain healthy blood circulation.


Since lychees are a very good source of sugars, diabetics should be careful when eating lychees since it can unbalance their blood sugar levels. However, far more nutrients are present in dried lychee than in fresh lychee, so if you want to consume this for your overall health, forgo the sweet smell and allow the fruit to dry.




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