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Kiwifruit is a delicious berry of a woody, twining vine and is popularly known with its shortened version as ‘kiwi’. Kiwi is native to China and is revered as the country’s national fruit. It is an oval-shaped, dull brown colored fruit with a fuzzy texture. The inside pulp is a vivid, semi-translucent, bright green flesh with a radiant pattern of lighter-colored spikes, freckled with a few tiny, edible black seeds. Kiwi fruit has a unique and invigorating flavor with a soft and just about creamy texture. The growing global popularity of the kiwifruit attributes to an amazing blend of its unique appearance, flavor and nutritional assets. Benefits of kiwifruit for medical conditions have been discussed below.


An interesting way to consume this fruit is in form of Kiwi Chutney.


  1. Rich in Antioxidant

Kiwi offers an impressive amount of vitamin C along with other phenolic compounds and carotenoids which promotes good health. A comparative study involving kiwi, oranges and grapefruit has revealed that kiwi fruit contains stronger antioxidant qualities as compared to the latter. Attributing to the presence of nourishing phytochemicals, kiwi has the ability to protect the DNA present in the body cells from the oxidative damage caused due to free radicals thereby, reducing the risk of development of associated inflammations and diseases.


Green Tea is very  rich in antioxidants as well.


  1. Promotes Cardiovascular health

As mentioned, kiwifruit is rich in protective polyphenols along with vitamin C,   vitamin E and potassium which are effective in the maintenance of cardiovascular health. An investigative study has revealed that kiwifruit exerts inhibitory activities which aids in the reduction of triglycerides in the blood. According to the study, consumption of couple of kiwis on a daily basis helps in reducing the platelet aggression response or the risk of blood clotting. This fibrinolytic effect of kiwifruit on the blood vessels prevents the risk of thromboembolic and cardiac disorders like atherosclerosis.


Grape Seed Extract is beneficial to the heart.


  1. Improves Iron Absorption

An amazing benefit of kiwifruit is its ability to facilitate the absorption of iron in the body. Richness of vitamin C and other phytochemicals such as lutein and zeaxanthin in kiwi helps in improving iron status in the body and prevents iron deficiency disorders. A comparative study performed between kiwi and banana has revealed that consumption of kiwi along with iron-rich breakfast cereal results in significant progress in the status of iron in the body as compared to banana.          


Vegiehills Capsules contain organic vegetables extracts such as that of spinach, barley grass and beetroot which are high in Iron content.


  1. Improves Sleep

Kiwi is a source of serotonin which helps to promote better sleep. An investigative study conducted in this regard has shown that consumption of kiwi helps in improving the sleep efficiency and total sleep time. Kiwi may also help in improving the sleep onset and reducing the waking time after the onset and hence provides relief from the sleep disturbances. Kiwi contains good amounts of flavonoids such as naringenin, quercetin, rutin, catechin, epicatechin which modulates the sleep inducing receptors and is considered an effectual plant-based sedative agent. Attributing to this, the peel of kiwi is a potent ingredient for the development of natural sleeping aids.


Ashwagandha helps to reduce insomnia in a natural and effective way.



  1. Promotes Skin care

Kiwi helps to maintain healthy and smooth skin attributing to its significant contribution in the process of collagen synthesis. Kiwi contains generous amount of vitamin C, may be more than oranges which helps to keep the skin firm and expedite healing of cuts and abrasions. Vitamin E present in kiwi assists in reducing the fine lines and appearance of wrinkles. Vitamin E also helps in reducing the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin. Antioxidants present in kiwi work as a perfect anti-aging agent, prevent the skin from early degeneration and keep it rejuvenated.  


Kiwi Soap helps the skin cleanse  the skin as well as maintain its youthfulness.


Kiwi is a delicious, nutrient-packed and one of the popular fruit which not only satisfies the taste buds but also encourages good health.




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