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Cereals are the easiest food to find. You can choose from a large variety in every departmental store wherever you go in the world. They are rich in fibers, protein and complex carbohydrates. Certain varieties are also enhanced with iron, bran etc depending on the type of cereal available. Consuming cereals provides the body with ample energy and has many other health benefits that often go unnoticed. So whether you eat oats, wheat flakes, corn flakes, barley or cereals in any other form they are going to always do you good.

Cereals can help control blood sugar levels, drive away constipation, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, keep the heart healthy and ensure that you have ample energy all throughout the day. When eaten with milk, cereals pack a great punch and make for a very nutritious meal particularly at the start of the day. Cereals with iron are considered to be one of the best meal options for children.

Take a look at some more of the health benefits that can be achieved through regularly eating cereals.

  1. Controls Weight And Obesity

Cereals are packed with healthy fibers, iron and bran. Eating cereal with milk in the morning satisfies the hunger craving after a long night and fills up the stomach with all the essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Once you have eaten the cereal, you are less likely to crave high calorie food for the rest of the day as your body has already received the necessary nutrition and supplements. Eating breakfast early in the morning also keeps obesity at bay and is a good way to start your diet plan daily. As they say, never skip breakfast if you are trying to lose weight. The feeling of being satiated every morning is also directly linked to vitality, and emotional and mental health and confidence and focus.

  1. Cancer Prevention

Cereals rich in whole wheat help decrease the chances of breast cancer. Cereals contain phytosterols which encourage the secretion of estrogen in the female body. This helps to block the development of cancer causing cells in the breast and reduce the risk of tumors. Whole wheat and fiber rich foods have also been proven to reduce the chances of colon cancer. Cereals are thus considered a very healthy option. The phytosterols increase bowel movement through the intestinal tract which maintains good health of the colon and helps prevent the occurrence of cancer.

  1. Helps Digestion

Fibers are very important for good digestive health. They help with the passage of food in the system and ensure that there is healthy bowel movement. Eating cereals can also ease the trouble of constipation. They help to keep the intestines clean and healthy by ensuring efficient functioning of the stomach’s organs. Ragi based cereals are considered a very good option in case of constipation because they act as a laxative and ease the passage of stools from the system.

  1. Helps Muscle Tone

When working out, the body undergoes wear and tear and hence it is essential to supplement it with proper pre and post workout meals. These meals should be rich in complex carbohydrates and proteins to ensure that the muscles get the necessary nutrients to regain the energy and help them become lean and strong. Cereals are rich in protein content and make for an excellent pre and post workout meal option. Protein content varies as per the grain used in the cereal. For example rice based cereals have the least amount of protein but whole grain cereals supply plenty of it. Opt for cereals with pulses and grains to make the absorption of protein into the system a lot more efficient.

Cereals are easily available in stores as well as online. To keep your family healthy, make sure your home is always stocked up with cereals. And remember, don’t ever skip breakfast. Instead, kick start every day with a healthy and fulfilling serving of cereal.

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