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Dates are delicious, but did you know that they are extremely healthy as well? Many experts believe that dates are one of the best foods for the body, for a number of reasons. From muscle development, appetite controllers, relief from intestinal problems, improvement in sexual dysfunction and treatment for cancer, dates don many nutritional hats. Doctors agree that consuming even 1 date per day can have great impact on the overall health.

Dates contain essential oils, calcium, sulfur, iron, manganese, copper etc which instantly boost the internal organs of the body. They help to pacify feelings of hunger and cravings, help in recovery from injuries, balance the nervous system, help with anemia and many other problems. They are sweet and very easy to eat. You can mix them with milk, make a paste, add it to yogurt, eat it with bread or even enjoy a yummy date bar and benefit from its wonderful properties. Read on further to find out just how useful just a couple of dates can be.

  1. Improves Bone Health

Dates are rich in minerals and iron which can protect the bones from diseases such as osteoporosis and weak bones. They help fight off these problems and make the bone structure stronger and healthier. Consuming dates at a young age can help in the overall bone development in children and ensure that they have strong bones even as they age. The selenium, magnesium and copper content in the dates are crucial to ensure healthy bone structure all through life.

  1. Anemia Treatment

Anemia is caused due to a deficiency in iron and minerals. Dates which are rich in both these elements make for an excellent treatment option for anemia. The high iron content balances out the deficiency in patients and restores their energy and strength. The combination of minerals and vitamins in dates also eradicates the feeling of lethargy, fatigue and sluggishness and induces a sense of liveliness and vigor.

  1. Treats Intestinal Problems

Dates contain nicotine in minute quantities which is actually beneficial for curing various intestinal disorders. It inhibits the development of pathological germs and organisms which can cause problems in the digestive system and instead stimulate the growth of healthy gut bacteria. The insoluble and soluble fibers and amino acids make the digestive system more efficient making it easier to digest food completely and absorb the necessary nutrition.

  1. Relieves Constipation

Dates can sometimes act as a laxative when soaked overnight in water. The syrup like liquid left over after soaking the dates overnight can help to ease the problem. So if you are ever suffering from prolonged constipation, you can try this remedy to feel instant relief. Dates have high content of soluble fibers which stimulate the digestive system and encourage healthy movement of the bowels. It is recommended to consume dates regularly to ensure smooth passage of food through the digestive tract and combat the problem of constipation.

  1. Helps With Weight Gain

For those who are unsuccessfully trying to put on a few kilos, dates can be your best food companion. When added to your daily healthy diet, the sugar and protein content of dates along with the essential vitamins helps to achieve a normal weight. If you have lost excessive weight after an illness or are underweight and looking to build up muscle mass to achieve your ideal weight, consider including dates in your daily diet and get your dream physique.

  1. Fights Allergies

Dates are rich in pure, organic sulfur which is rather rare in most foods.  This helps to combat allergies to food as well as season allergies related to pollen, weather changes, dust etc. The organic sulfur has a positive impact on the body and can fight the allergy symptoms and can provide protection from the regular discomfort.

It is important to consume dates regularly if you want to maintain optimal levels of health. Just adding one to two pieces of dates to your daily breakfast can ensure that you entire family always stays in the pink of health.



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