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Chocolate is considered to be the devil of all diets, and we are mostly asked to stay away from consuming too much.  But for those with a great love for chocolate, this can be quite a task. Instead it is recommended to consume dark chocolate. With a cocoa percentage ranging from 70 to 99%, dark chocolate has a bitter sweet taste and is decadence at its best. But along with a mouth watering flavor, dark chocolate also has innumerable benefits that you probably are not aware of.

To find out how eating dark chocolate can actually do you good, read on below and prepare to be amazed.

  1. Healthy Skin

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants which keep the skin healthy and glowing. It prevents oxidative damage to the skin cells due to free radicals which can cause premature ageing of the skin. Dark chocolate also contains flavanoids which protect the skin from harmful UV radiation from the sun and can help to prevent skin cancer. The cocoa content also moisturizes the skin and helps reduce roughness, dryness and can greatly improve the complexion.

  1. Cholesterol Control

Cocoa content in dark chocolate has proven to reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Deposits of LDL or bad cholesterol can block the arteries and affect functioning of the blood vessels. The antioxidant properties also prevent oxidation of the LDL which helps to minimize the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Cocoa in dark chocolate not only reduces the bad cholesterol but it increases the amount of good cholesterol thus balancing the requirement which can prevent various cardiac problems.

  1. Stress Relief

Have you noticed that whenever you are feeling low, you immediately start to crave some chocolate? The next time you feel this, try eating a small piece of dark chocolate instead. It is a healthy alternative and consuming the dark chocolate encourages the secretion of serotonin in the brain which is a natural antidepressant and can improve the mood. The magnesium content in dark chocolate can fight off stress, anxiety, irritability as well as fatigue and can instantly uplift the spirits.

  1. Blood Pressure Control

Dark chocolate is a handy little ingredient to control blood pressure. The flavanoids present in the chocolate stimulates the arteries which relaxes them and lowers blood flow resistance thus reducing the blood pressure. Eating a small piece of dark chocolate with over 70% cocoa everyday can lower blood pressure and in turn prevent heart problems like heart failure, fibrillation and also combat other problems like cognitive decline, stroke or dementia.

  1. Weight Loss

Believe it or not, dark chocolate can actually help you lose weight. It is full of fibers which make you feel full after eating even a small piece and suppress your appetite. Eating dark chocolate with 70 to 80% cocoa can help a person lose extra body weight by creating a feeling of fullness and reducing cravings. The antioxidant properties of the dark chocolate also slow down the digestive system which makes you feel fuller for longer. It can improve the metabolism as well which helps with weight loss.

  1. Brain Booster

Dark chocolate improves blood flow to the brain thus helping to boost the overall brain function. Eating a piece of dark chocolate can also make you feel more alert and improve short term memory. The flavanol present in the chocolate is good for those who are struggling with sleep deprivation as it boosts the blood circulation and improves cognitive and brain function. Dark chocolate can even improve memory, concentration and recall power of the mind.

  1. Cough Soother

Sudden and excessive coughing can be exhausting. To curb the cough, try eating a piece of dark chocolate next time. It contains a chemical called theobromine that relaxes the nerve which induces the cough and helps to stop the irritation. It is an effective treatment for emergency situations as it does not induce a feeling of drowsiness unlike cough syrups and it tastes great too.

Who would have thought that chocolate could actually be so good for you! Click here to find out more about the amazing benefits of dark chocolate.


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