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Apart from being a common ingredient used as tempering, mustard seeds possess several health and beauty benefits too. From treating cancer and arthritis to nourishing skin and boosting hair growth, they do it all. So, let us look at various health and beauty secrets of mustard seeds.

Health Benefits of Mustard Seeds:

  1. Cures Cancer

Mustard seeds contain compounds, such as glucosinolates and mirosinase, which make use of phytochemicals to the utmost level. These phytochemicals hinder the multiplication of cancer cells in the body. .

  1. Treats Rheumatic Arthritis

Mustard seeds are also helpful in providing relief to people suffering from rheumatic arthritis. The presence of selenium and magnesium in mustard seeds eases pain and inflammation caused due to this deadly disease.

  1. Provides Relief from Migraine

It has been proved through several studies that the presence of magnesium content in mustard seeds helps in curing migraine. This is so because mustard when added to fish can promote the benefits of omega-3 content.

  1. Cures Congestion

Another great benefit of mustard seeds is that they help in curing congestion. Their consumption can provide relief from the congestion in respiratory organs.

  1. Prevents Nightshades

Mustard seeds should definitely be included in your spic rack as they help in preventing nightshades.

  1. Boosts Immunity

Mustard seeds are also helpful in boosting immunity as they act as a shield against various diseases. This is to the presence of various nutrients in it, which belong the basic structure of Brassica family.

  1. Aides Weight Loss

Owing to the presence of dietary fiber, mustard seeds are good for digestion as well. A good digestion ensures an improved bowel movement. This further boosts the metabolic rate of the body, leading to speedy weight loss.

  1. Cancer Risk Prevention

The presence of selenium in mustard seeds is also helpful in acting as a guard against cancer cells. It hinders the process of cancer cell formation. Moreover, it acts like an antioxidant, thus slowing down the growth of cancerous cells in the body.

  1. Treats Blood Pressure and Menopausal Woes

Mustard seeds are a storehouse of nutrients like copper, iron, magnesium and selenium, which help in treating problems related to blood pressure and menopause.

  1. Cures Asthma

Again, the presence of nutrients, such as copper, magnesium, iron and selenium in mustard seeds are good for Asthma patients. That is why asthma patients should definitely consume these seeds in their diet.

Skin Benefits of Mustard Seeds:

  1. Acts as a Natural Scrub

Mustard seeds are great for exfoliating dead skin. Mix them with either lavender or rose oil to make a scrub. Use this mixture once a week to get rid of dead skin cells.

  1. Hydrates skin

The combination of mustard seeds and aloe vera gel is great for hydrating the skin. This mask helps in removing all impurities from the skin and thus provides complete nourishment.

  1. Delays Ageing Signs

Mustard seeds are rich in carotene and lutein. Also, they contain essential vitamins like A, C and K. All these nutrients together act as antioxidants for the skin, which futher prevents it from free radical damge. It is these free radicals that are responsible for speeding up the process of ageing.

  1. Treats Fungal Infections

Mustard seeds also contain sulphur, which is known to possess anti-fungal properties. Therefore, these seeds keep such infections at bay.

Hair Benefits of Mustard Seeds:

  1. Boosts Hair Growth

Mustard oil is great for hair. Extracted from mustard seeds, this oil is a great source of Vitamin A. This vitamin is an essential requisite for boosting good hair growth.

  1. Strengthens Tresses

Mustard seeds are a powerhouse of various nutrients like calcium, vitamin A and E, protein and Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. Al these nutrients when combined together ensure a strong and lustrous mane.

  1. Conditions Hair

Owing to the presence of fatty acids, mustard seeds help in providing nourishment to your tresses. They condition the hair, thus making them soft, smooth and shiny.

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