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Just a couple days ago, a friend shared a message with me on Whatsapp that was full of Diwali recipes and easy ways to burn the calories gained by eating them. Since I am not selfish, I will share the recipes and the easy and fun workouts to burn the calories to stay happy and stay fit.

With Diwali, we bring in home mava or khoya. This is a very important ingredient for the sweets we prepare for Diwali. One of my all time favourites is the sweet, flavorful small balls called gulab jamun. I love to eat one whole gulab jamun and play with it in my mouth while enjoying its sweetness and rich flavors.



For the jamuns:


1 cup mava


3 tbsp maida/all purpose flour


2 tbsp fine semolina


4 cardamoms

1 tbsp milk or add as required


Ghee for deep frying the gulab jamuns


For the sugar syrup:


1 and 3/4 cups of sugar

1 cup water


1 tbsp rose water




Preparing jamuns:


Take mava in a bowl and mash it very well. Remove all the lumps. You can also grate the mava.


Add semolina, all purpose flour/maida, cardamom powder to the mashed mava and mash it together again, removing all the lumps.


Add milk and gather together to form a dough with milk. don't knead.


Gently mix. If you are unable to form balls or if the mixture seems too dry, then add a few teaspoons of milk. Cover the dough and let it rest for 30 mins.


Make small balls from the dough. cover the balls and keep aside.


Preparing the sugar syrup:


Dissolve sugar in water. Heat the sugar solution till it become sticky. You should to switch off the flame just before the syrup reaches a one thread consistency.


Add rose water and stir. Keep the sugar solution aside. on cooling if the sugar syrup crystallizes, then just add 2 to 3 tbsp water and warm the syrup again. It will regain the liquid state.


Frying the jamuns:


While the sugar syrup is cooking, heat ghee till its medium hot. Reduce the flame to sim and wait for a minute.

Then gently drop the gulab jamuns in the ghee.


Once they start to have tiny golden spots, start moving and rolling them in the ghee, so that the gulab jamuns are evenly brown in color.


Take the gulab jamuns out of the ghee and then drain them on kitchen towels to remove any excess ghee.


Continue frying the gulab jamuns this way in batches.


Let the gulab jamuns cool a little and then put them in the sugar syrup.


When all the jamuns are placed in the sugar syrup, place the whole pan with the sugar syrup and gulab jamuns, on a low flame for a few minutes till the jamuns become soft.


Heating helps the gulab jamuns to absorb the syrup and become soft. This way, the sugar syrup reaches till the core of the jamuns.


The jamuns increase a bit in size. Don't over heat them else they will break.


Using a large pan is beneficial. This way it is easier to stir them gently while they are simmering without risking them to break.


Serve gulab jamuns warm or at room temperature. You can also chill the gulab jamuns and serve them cold. garnish the gulab jamuns with rose petals or almond chops.

Health Benefits

Gulab jamun are deep fried in ghee which makes them rich and fragrant. Ghee helps to lubricate our joints and keep the joint motion friction free.


Mava is basically milk solids, which contains the goodness of milk in concentrated form. Rich in protein and calcium it provides us with energy.

Calorie Meter


One piece of gulab jamun contains 150 calories.

Calorie Burning


Dancing for 30 minutes at a moderate speed will ensure burning the calories gained with each piece of gulab jamun. If you ask me, I will happily dance for 30 minutes if I am allowed to eat a piece of gulab jamun, ah! Such a win-win situation!


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