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The richness and nutritive potential of Organic Amla is so vast and permeating, that herbalists practicing all forms of alternative medicine, especially Ayurveda have a tendency to enrich their formulations with the goodness of Organic Amla. From a scientific standpoint, Organic Amla contains all the Vitamins, Minerals, nutrients and Polyphenols necessary for a healthier life and keeps most common diseases at bay through prevention of disease and detoxification of the entire human system. Organic Amla is also well known for its large quantities of Vitamin C and Flavonoids.

The rich natural formulation of this winter fruit, Organic Amla makes it one of the best remedies to treat chronic diseases including the silent killer Diabetes, several forms of heart diseases and all forms of conditions occurring in the stomach, intestines and gastric area. Organic Amla can also deal with all forms of fever and any kinds of infections mediated by bacteria or virus and resolve them with ease, preventing any future recurrence or relapses.

  • Organic Amla works at the core of the human system by strengthening immunity to fight all forms of infections. These include bacterial and viral infections, which cause trouble especially during the winter season and might lead to a number of other complications like pneumonia and blood disorders.
  • On another front, Organic Amla has the ability to rid the body of free radicals, hence reverse and retard cell damage and slow down the ageing process, while also protecting the body from all forms of cancer.
  • Organic Amla has anti-inflammatory properties. It is these properties that help a number of conditions from sore throat to arthritis and diseases of the renal system. The anti-inflammatory properties of Organic Amla also help in keeping the eyes, hair and skin healthy and curbs the proliferation of ulcers.


    • Organic Amla is best for the health of the heart and strengthens heart muscles and reduces formation of plaque that blocks arteries and hardens them. In this way, Organic Amla not only keeps the heart healthy and allows oxygen rich blood to flow freely, but the reduction in bad cholesterol enables the body to form a resistive mechanism against conditions like stroke and heart attack.
    • Organic Amla is a wonder berry for tackling the devastating effects of Diabetes. Organic Amla maintains optimal levels of blood sugar, helps in the absorption of insulin and gradually enables the body to absorb more insulin. Polyphenols and Chromium present in Organic Amla are mainly involved in regularizing carbohydrate metabolism.
    • Organic Amla is an antacid and helps the stomach maintain optimal levels of acid and a balanced pH, preventing any complications from developing in the entire gastric tract.
    • Organic Amla is a natural liver detox and works on the liver to flush out toxins and dangerous, harmful chemicals, serving an important mechanism of flushing the liver in order to protect the gastric system and the entire metabolic process, which is central to the working of the human body.
  • As a kidney detox, Organic Amla has the potential to flush out toxins from the kidneys, without over-stimulating them in a natural and gradual process that does not tax the delicate nature of kidneys.
  • Bones often tend to generate quickly, especially after middle age and one of the conditions that leads to bone degeneration is the formation of osteoclasts, which are cells with destructive action – a cell type that breaks down bone tissue. When consumed regularly, Organic Amla can slow down the formation of osteoclasts and prevent a number of bone diseases like osteoporosis.


  • Not only does Organic Amla work on bone health, but it also helps teeth and nails remain strong and healthy.
  • Organic Amla works wonders at the central and peripheral nervous system and revives and revitalizes nerves inside out. Due to the nerve strengthening action of Organic Amla it is also helpful in preventing and providing relief in cases of paralysis.
  • Organic Amla works wonders on the brain from a number of different areas including increasing memory and brain power, enhancing and balancing mood and emotions, treating insomnia and providing stress relief.

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