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Lemongrass is a herb, which is well known and utilized for its distinct citrusy aroma and lemon flavor, which is milder, sweeter, and far less sour. In addition to its culinary usage, especially in Chinese and Thai recipes, it offers a wide array of medicinal benefits mostly derived from its essential oils. The many health properties of this fragrant grass are discussed below.

  1. Analgesic

Lemongrass essential oil helps relieve pain in head and body, especially the muscles and joints due to its analgesic properties. It is the phytonutrients present in lemongrass that improves the blood circulation, which in turn help in relieving the pain.

  1. Improves Cellular Health

Lemongrass helps in stimulating regeneration of cells. The folic acid and potassium content of lemongrass aids in DNA synthesis and promotes cell division.

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  1. Antidepressant

Lemongrass is known to boosts self-esteem, relieves anxiety and it fights depression.

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  1. Fights Obesity

Citral, an active constituent of lemongrass is effective to combat obesity. It aids in healthy metabolism, enhances the oxidation of fatty acids in the body, prevents the accumulation of abdominal fat and promotes the use of stored energy.

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  1. Anti Cancer

Research prove that citral in lemongrass inhibits the growth of cancer cells during the initial phases and prevents any further production of cancerous cells. 

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  1. Antimicrobial, Antibacterial and Fungicidal

As an inhibitor of microbial, bacterial and fungicidal growth in the body both internally and externally, it is known to be effective in inhibiting infections in the colon, stomach, urinary tracts, wounds and respiratory system.

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  1. Anti Cholesterol

Studies show that the regular consumption of lemongrass results in sustaining healthy levels of triglycerides and reducing the LDL (unhealthy) cholesterol in the body. This helps in preventing the accumulation of lipids in the blood vessels and promoting an unobstructed flow of blood in the arteries and overall preventing various cardiac disorders.

  1. Astringent

Lemongrass is an astringent helps in many ways such as - promotes contraction of gums (stops bleeding of gums due to oral issues), hair follicles (prevents hair loss), skin (relieves and tones oily or acne prone skin) and blood vessels (in case of bleeding due to cuts).

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  1. Prevents Stomach Disorders

Lemongrass stimulates bowel function and improves digestion, thereby preventing gastrointestinal disorders such as gastric ulcers, constipation, ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, nausea, excess flatulence and stomach aches.

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  1. Deodorant

Lemongrass has deodorizing properties due to its cleansing and antibacterial properties, which help to combat unpleasant body odor and prevents infections. It is added to footbaths for sanitizing sore and odorous feet.

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  1. Diuretic

As a diuretic, lemongrass increases urination, both in frequency and in quantity. Detoxification by means of urine helps in maintaining digestive health, eliminating accrued fats, and assisting to maintain a clean system, while primarily helping to lower uric acid levels.

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  1. Boosts Immune System

When the important bodily systems function optimally, they lead to better absorption of nutrients and strengthening of the immune defense mechanism of the body. Lemongrass has a boosting effect on the immune system by assisting in nutrient absorptions.

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  1. Aromatherapy

Lemongrass consists of many essential oils which possess anti-fungal, antibacterial, insecticidal, antiseptic, possesses natural astringent and toning qualities, thus it is used extensively in aromatherapy to revitalize the mind and refresh the body.

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  1. Insecticidal

It is quite a popular insect repellant due to its insecticidal properties. It kills them and also keeps them away.

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  1. Sedative

It has a soothing, sedating and calming effects on mind, and it relieves tension and anxiety.

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Surely lemongrass is an aromatic storehouse of essential nutrients providing a wide array of health benefits and also to adds flavor to the food and beverages!



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