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Sweet and nutty, the adzuki bean is small red-brown bean member of the legume family. It is a native of East Asia and the Himalayan region, and is commonly eaten in Japan, China, Korea, and other Asian nations, Like other legumes, the adzuki bean is a nutritional powerhouse, rich in protein, fiber and folic acid. The nutrition information for the little red bean can help you avail its benefits in your diet, they are discussed below.


  1. Promotes Heart Health

Adzuki beans are an excellent source of soluble fiber, folate, potassium and magnesium all combine into a powerful cardiovascular boost in adzuki beans. Fiber helps to balance cholesterol levels, while potassium relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow, thereby reducing blood pressure and strain on the heart. This helps to lower chances of developing atherosclerosis leading to heart attacks and strokes.


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  1. Promotes Digestive Health

The high fiber in adzuki beans helps to keep the digestive system healthy by enhancing its various functions. Fiber stimulates peristaltic motion, the movement of food through the digestive tract and enabling the smooth intake of nutrients from food. Fiber also helps to eliminate constipation, diarrhea, and bloating, as well as more serious conditions like colon cancer.


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  1. Anti Diabetes


The dietary fiber in adzuki beans has many purposes, one of the important ones being regulating the activity of insulin receptors in the body to ensure that blood sugar levels remain normal. This helps to prevent and protect from diabetes, or manage the symptoms and prevent those spikes and drops that are dangerous for diabetes patients.


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  1. Aids in Weight Loss

    It is the fiber in adzuki beans that helps with the feeling of being satiated faster and for a longer period of time, without contributing a sizable amount of calories They are also high in protein, which helps to with weight - conscious calories that helps to loose weight and keep it off as well. Statistically, 1/2-cup serving of cooked or boiled adzuki beans, which may weigh about 115 grams, contains 150 calories, which means that you can get a whole lot of nutritive benefits without putting on.


  1. Detoxifies Liver


Adzuki beans contain a unique mineral known as molybdenum in quite high concentrations. Just a quarter cup of contains 100% of the recommended daily intake of molybdenum that helps the production of the enzyme sulfite oxidase, which is crucial for liver detoxification.


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  1. Growth and Repair


Protein is a crucial element of our diet, particularly for vegetarians and vegans who don’t get protein from animal sources. Proteins break down into essential amino acids that our body needs to create new cells, tissues, and organs for both growth and repair. Adzuki beans have significantly high content of proteins for healthy vegetarian and vegan diet.


  1. Enhances Bone Strength


 Osteoporosis and other age related bone problems can be prevented and delayed by adding minerals like zinc, copper, and magnesium to the diet as they boost bone strength and prevent bone demineralization. Adzuki beans also contain these important minerals to keep promote bone health. 


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These beans are primarily used for sweetened culinary applications in Asian nations. When adzuki beans are boiled and sweetened into a red bean paste, the applications are endless, in savory dishes, sweet desserts, sushi, candy, cakes, or as a topping for waffles, biscuits, or bread. Most people think of beans as savory, but adzuki beans are sweet. And besides its unique flavor, it is a powerhouse of nutrients.


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