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Curry leaves is quite popularly found in India, especially in the country’s southern part. It is an essential ingredient used for tempering several delicacies. However, these green leaves are packed with several beauty and health benefits. We have listed down a few of them for you. So let us delve deep into myriad amazing secrets of curry leaves and benefit from them.

  1. Prevents Premature Graying of Hair

If you prepare homemade curry leaves’ oil and apply it on to your hair, it is surely going to prevent early graying of hair. All you need to do is mix fresh curry leaves in some virgin coconut oil. This oil not only prevents graying of hair but also strengthens the roots. It is also a great nourishment agent for dry and frizzy hair.

  1. Boosts Hair Growth and Treats Dandruff

For making a pack, firstly you need to grind a few curry leaves with some milk to get a smooth paste. Apply this to your hair and then allow it stay for about 20 minutes. After it dries up, rinse off well. Use this pack regularly for increasing hair growth and curing your dandruff woes.

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  1. Cures Acne

Just grind some organic turmeric and curry leaves together to get a smooth paste. Apply this concoction on your pimples or even the entire face. Later wash off with tap water. A regular application of this mask will surely heal your acne breakout. Make sure that both the ingredients are free from pesticides as it may harm your skin otherwise.

  1. To make this pack, just mix some power of dried curry leaves and multani mitti.  Add some rose water and a few drops of rose essential oil to it. Mix well and apply on your face. This pack is helpful in warding off ageing signs and providing an instant radiance.
  1. Treats Indigestion

Curry leaves is also an effective remedy for indigestion. To use it, roast some cumin seeds and curry leaves separately in a teaspoon of ghee. Now mix them together and add some dry ginger powder and a cup of water to it. Let the liquid simmer for about a few minutes and then turn off the flame. Allow it to cool down and then strain. Savor this mixture to treat indigestion. You can also add some jiggery to sweeten this liquid.

  1. Prevents Anemia

Curry leaves are rich in iron content and therefore, are easily absorbed by the body. Experts suggest that an anemic person should take a diet rich in iron. Thus curry leaves help in curing anemia as well. Besides, they are also a good source of calcium and vitamins. All you need to do is soak some curry leaves and fenugreek seeds in some curd for half an hour. Consume this mixture every morning to treat anemia.

  1. Good for Patients Suffering from Diabetes

Daily consumption of curry leaves helps in lowering the level of blood sugar. Therefore, it is really good for diabetes patients. They should definitely include these leaves in their regular diet. You can either used it as tempering in your curries or add its powder to buttermilk to enhance the flavor.

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  1. Aides Weight Loss

Curry leaves help in the process of proper digestion. Once the digestive system comes on track, it boosts the metabolic rate of the body. A good metabolism is responsible for speedy weight loss.

  1. Lowers Cholesterol

As per a recent research, it was concluded that curry leaves help in lowing the cholesterol level in the body. Therefore, they are helpful in keeping the heart healthy, thus keeping heart disorders at bay. 

Curry leaves is a popular ingredient used in almost every delicacy of southern part of India. It not only adds flavor o a dish but also gives it a beautiful aroma. Its green color also enhances the appearance of the preparation. To read about several recipes incorporating curry leaves, click here.


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