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Licorice is the root of a legume plant that is used to flavor or sweeten products, such as candies, beverages and medicine. The plant itself produces both blossoms and a pod containing seeds that are inedible. The plant is mostly grown and harvested for its sweet tasting root, which can be used to flavor multiple dishes. Licorice root has a remarkable list of properly documented uses, and might be among the highest overlooked of all natural treatments. Some of the commonly used health benefits of licorice root are discussed below.


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  1. Fights Depression

Research proves that the key therapeutic compound, glycyrrhizic acid present is in licorice root can help with nervousness and depression by encouraging the function of the adrenal glands. These glands control stress hormones including cortisol, which become lowers due to persistent fatigue, melancholy, anxiety, and leads to reduced resistance to infections and allergens. Additionally, licorice root has the asparagine amino acid that is needed to preserve equilibrium in the body’s nervous system.


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  1. Boosts Immunity


Licorice provides enhanced immunity by boosting levels of interferon, a key immune system chemical that fights off attacking viruses.  Also It also contains powerful antioxidants as well as glycyrrhetinic acid which prevents the growth of many bacteria and of viruses such as influenza A.


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  1. Prevents Cardiovascular Disease and High Cholesterol

Licorice root helps to control the cholesterol levels by stimulating the body’s flow of bile, which account for elimination of excessive cholesterol from the body. Also recent studies prove that by limiting the damage from LDL ("bad") cholesterol and with the support of antioxidant action, licorice discourages artery-clogging plaque formation and contributes to the healthy functioning of the heart.


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  1. Helpful in Menopause

The phytoestrogenic and antioxidant action of licorice root is useful for hormonal problems including exhaustion, mood swings, and hot flashes in women who are going through menopause. Consuming licorice root daily can help balance and control a woman’s hormone production because the  phytoestrogens perform some of the functions of the body's natural estrogens, thus it is helpful during the menopause.


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  1. Helps with Menstrual and PMS Cramps

This herb has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and a moderate estrogenic action which might assist with PMS symptoms including irritability, bloating, breast tenderness, menstrual cramps, nausea and bloating, not to mention mood swings.


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  1. Lessens chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia


As mentioned licorice stimulates cortisol activity thus glycyrrhizin helps to increase energy, eases physical and mental stress after surgery or during convalescence, or when feeling tired and run down. It also reduces the symptoms of ailments caused by fluctuating cortisol levels, such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.


  1. Combats Hepatitis, Herpes and Shingles

Licorice also fights the virus commonly responsible for hepatitis and its anti-inflammatory properties help calm hepatitis-associated liver inflammation. Further its root extract is utilized in treating herpes simplex, sores, and shingles.


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  1. Prevents Skin and Hair Problems

The demulcent and anti-inflammatory agents in licorice root helps to alleviate skin problems such as eczema, skin rashes, psoriasis, and itchy and dry skin. Some people use licorice as a shampoo to reduce oiliness in their hair.


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  1. Protects from Stomach Problems

The flavonoids in licorice root’s can help with discomfort and inflammation of the digestive system, which in turn can help to promote a healthy bowel. It is further helpful to lower stomach acid levels, relieve heartburn and indigestion and acts as a mild laxative. It is also known for healing ulcers. Through its beneficial action on the liver, it increases bile flow and lowers cholesterol levels.


  1. Weight Reduction

Research demonstrates that individuals had a significant reduction in body fat mass after getting three grams of licorice root extract every day for 2 months. Nevertheless, the eating of licorice root isn’t something that anyone should do for long periods of time.


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Licorice as a traditional medicine has an impressive list of well-documented uses because of the numerous healing substances in it.


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