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Often used to enhance the flavor of soups, sauces and meats, rosemary is a fragrant herb from the mint family. Apart from its culinary uses, this herb possesses several medicinal properties as well. It is helpful in treatment and prevention of various deadly ailments. Moreover, it can cure myriad skin and hair problems too. It also has the ability to ward off household pests. These are just a few qualities it possesses. To delve deep into the secrets of rosemary, read ahead.

  1. For Complete Wellbeing

Rosemary possesses the ability to rev up the grey cells, thus boosting brain memory. As per a study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience, a random workplace was infused with the fragrance of rosemary. A regular inhaling of this fragrance showed improvement in the memory of the employees working there. This proved that rosemary is good for brain health. So, all you need to do is just a rosemary plant at your work place or in your home. You can also use an essential diffuser in your car.

Moreover, another research published in Cell Journal revealed that carnosic acid, which is found in this herb, possesses ‘neuroprotective’ properties. Therefore, rosemary is helpful in stimulating the nerves of the brain, the preventing loss of memory, especially during old age. So, Alzheimer's patients should definitely breathe in its aroma.

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Rosemary consists of carnisol, a compound helpful in preventing several types of cancers like breast, skin, prostate, colon and leukemia.

Another great usage of rosemary is in treating stomach cramps. Rosemary essential oil helps in relieving stomach cramps and pain owing to menstruation and indigestion. It is also helpful to ease sore muscles and joint pain.

  1. For Soft and Lustrous Mane

Applying rosemary oil on the scalp can treat dry and rough hair. This is so because it boosts blood circulation in the scalp, thus providing nourishment to the hair.

You can also apply some rosemary oil on your hair brush and then, comb your hair with it. This will take the oil on your scalp and also between your tresses, thus boosting growth and shine. Do not forget to shampoo your hair after this oiling session.

If you suffer from dandruff woes, rosemary can heal them. All you need to do is mix some rosemary oil in a carrier oil like olive or jojoba. Mix well and then, massage your scalp and tresses with this concoction. Then wrap your mane with a hot washcloth or towel for about 10 minutes. Rinse off well with a mild shampoo afterwards.

Besides, if you consume rosemary tea on a regular basis, it can take care of your hair fall too. All you need to do is boil a few leaves in water. Strain and add some honey. Mix well and savor it when hot.

  1. For a Younger-Looking Skin

Rosemary herb is the perfect ingredient for ward off ageing signs and enhancing skin complexion. Owing to the presence of anti-bacterial properties, rosemary prevents the occurrence of pimples and blemishes. Moreover, it soothes skin irritations as well.

It works well on hurts as well. Just rub some rosemary oil on the affected area. It will not only prevent infections but ensure quick healing of wounds.

Several an-ageing creams have rosemary as one of the main ingredients. This is so because this aromatic herb boosts cell regeneration, maintains skin’s elasticity and reduces puffiness. It also stimulates good blood flow to the skin, essential for a radiant glow.

  1. Household Uses

Another great use of rosemary is that it can keep pests and bugs at bay. It can easily deter household pests, such as mice and rats. Just keep a few springs of this herb in various corners or your house and inside the kitchen cabinets. That is why it is a common ingredient in several bug and pest sprays and repellents.

Rosemary has anticeptic properties too. Therefore, you can use it as an antiseptic solution for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. To know more, click here.



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