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When it comes to the fast paced lifestyle we are all experiencing in today’s technology age, the need for high energy super foods is often felt, whether you are a busy executive or a full-time mom. The daily nutritional requirements for our body are often not met and the need for small nutritious portions is often felt throughout the day. In this context, when you want to cut down on calories and provide the best fuel in terms of nutritious food to your body, there is nothing that compares to Organic Date Bars.


As one of the best sources of vitamins and minerals, dates are considered a whole food in themselves and fulfill all nutritional requirements of the body effectively. Organic Date Bars are rich in these vitamins, minerals and fiber. Phosphorous, potassium, Sulphur, calcium, iron, copper and manganese and magnesium are all hidden in the fleshy portion of Organic Date Bars. Further, Organic Date Bars, which are rich and loaded with the best quality dates from organically grown farms, encapsulate several disease-fighting mechanisms for promoting the health of organ systems contained in the gastric, cardiovascular and reproductive systems. Organic Date Bars can have the most lasting effects on the overall health of the gastric system and related functioning of the excretory system. The cleansing of the bowel that naturally results from Organic Date Bars is so profound that the well being precipitates in all organ systems of the body, imparting a vigor and vitality to the entire human system like never before.


People often complain of constipation from eating the wrong foods, which hinders the optimal functioning of the stomach and intestines and prevents smooth passage of food and expulsion of waste material. This putrefied product of partially digested food is known to cause havoc with the overall functioning of the digestive system and can even lead to cancer if the bowel remains in this state for a long period of time.


Diarrhea is yet another condition affecting most people and the development of the ailment is largely dependent on the intake of wrong foods that might affect the digestive system and go further to precipitate into the excretory system as well. The presence of potassium in Organic Date Bars is one of the main ways through which dates are able to curb diarrhea and the soluble fiber present in them acts as an effective cleanser for the bowel, minimizing chances of chronic diarrhea.



The vitamins and nutrients contained in Organic Date Bars effectively relieve symptoms of constipation and dysfunction of the bowel. Further, Organic Date Bars contain a certain amount of nicotine that is available from dates naturally, and this substance is able to heal the intestines better than any other agent. The soluble and insoluble fibers present in the dates also promote optimal digestive function and amino acids contained in the dates stimulate digestion and make it more efficient.


Overall, the optimal regulation of digestion through Organic Date Bars and the natural sugars available from them promote a sense of well being by regulating and optimizing overall gastric function and the effective utilization of natural sugars found in dates, provide a sudden burst of energy without creating any spikes in the blood sugar, which are characteristic to artificial sugars. This action of Organic Date Bars makes them most effective as quick snacks to combat the ill effects of lethargy, laziness and sluggishness.




Recent research has shown amazing results about the impact of dates on the overall functioning of the gastric system. This implies that Organic Date Bars are potential candidates that can curb the possibility of cancer of the abdomen through their simple mechanisms of boosting nutrition, cleansing action through rich fiber content and prevention of chronic ailments of the stomach and intestines, the two most common being, constipation, and diarrhea.


Due to the sticky nature of the date pulp, care should be taken to opt for only organically grown and packed dates that are free from surface impurities. Organically grown dates have all the nutrition encapsulated in them along with the goodness of high-quality packaging and natural processing methods, free from harmful chemicals and industrial agents. It is through these Organic Date Bars that the true essences and nutritional and healing power of dates is realized to the full extent.


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