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There is no shortage of weight loss diet. Let’s face it, obesity is a far greater and far more common problem in the world. It would seem that most people are genetically predisposed towards the heavier side and the member of the lean community are comparatively fewer in number.


Many members of that less populated community would argue that it is harder to gain weight than lose weight. While we’re not entirely sure about that ourselves, gaining weight can be a difficult task, with challenges distinct from losing weight. Of course, the theory of ‘lose 500 calories more than you eat each week’, in reverse, applies here. The theory behind the weight gain or weight loss tactic is the same and simple. Actually losing or gaining those 500 calories is where the trouble begins.


Someone intent on losing weight will focus heavily on an exercise and diet regime - it can be said that both play an equally important role in achieving the goal. Someone planning on gaining weight, however, will focus more heavily on diet and will bring in a tough exercise regime if greater weight or muscle goals are desired. (That shouldn’t stop you from exercising early on though, exercise is great for the body!)


So, don’t lose hope if you’ve been skinny all these years. The foods we’ve put down in the list below are all affordable and readily available. They offer many more benefits than just that of weight gain.


Before you begin changing your diet pattern however, consult a medical expert. It’s always wise to do so, because your leanness may be an indication of something more serious, and diet changes can also bring about health effects.


Without further ado, here is a list of weight gaining foods:


  1. Brown Rice


Rice is a staple of India and for many the primary source of carbohydrates. Heavy intake of rice can lead to weight gain - it is a carb after all - and this is why it recommended to those who wish to gain weight. We suggest eating brown rice because it offers a ton of benefits unavailable in the most common white rice. It’s rich in fiber, which improves digestion and promotes healthy bowel movements. It also regulates blood sugar levels, so you’ll have less to worry about concerning your blood sugar levels and increased food intake.


  1. Avocado


Avocado is a fruit, and one packed with calories and nutrients. Few other fruits can match it for its variety of benefits. For the purpose of gaining weight, know that it contains many calories. A single fruit can contain over 300 calories, which is an impressive figure. It also contains a lot of fat, so go easy on it. Even weight gainers have to employ some moderation.


  1. Nuts


Many nuts, especially the cashewnut, are heavy in calories. Most nuts are also highly nutritious. The walnut and the almond are by far the most healthy and we can fully recommend them to everyone, not just the weight gainer. However, for pure calories, the cashew nut is the way to go. Peanuts are also a healthy nut choice and peanut butter is a tasty way to start the day.

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  1. Granola


Granola, like regular oatmeal, is an energy filled way to start the day. You can design many recipes with granola and given that it offers close to 500 calories in one serving, the decision really shouldn’t have to be given too much thought. You can have this for breakfast everyday, and for added taste and nutritional benefit, add some crushed pumpkin seeds or cinnamon. That mass will appear within no time!


Gaining weight is not impossible, though it’s no walk in the park either. Genetics and natural metabolism play a significant role here, so the difficulty can vary from individual to individual. The important thing is to keep at it, because it is only with time that you can achieve your targeted weight.


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