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Organic Amla or Indian gooseberry is one of the best organic foods with multi-purpose benefits. The little green fruit,scientifically called Phyllanthus emblica or Emblica officinalis, serves as a great source of vitamin C, iron and is a super anti-oxidant fruit. Both fresh and dried gooseberry fruit is used in the preparation of Indian traditional medicines. It is one wonder plant in which the bark, root, leaves, flowers, fruit, and seed can be used as a remedy for various ailments or health benefits. A unique fruit with a distinctive mixture of sweet, sour and bitter taste, organic Amla can be used as a great recipe besides its medicinal qualities. Amla can be consumed raw, dried, or powered. It can also be used to prepare sauce or pickles – sweetened or salted or, as a spice to add more flavour to your dish.

Organic Amla can be utilised or consumed to cater to the need of your well-being. Some of the magical health benefits in making organic Amla a part of your daily meal or food are listed below.

  1. Amla and Vitamin C benefits

Amla fruit is the matchless natural source of vitamin C.Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is an important health requirement to maintain a healthy collagen synthesis and to aid - calcification of teeth and bone, healing a wound, growth and metabolism. Amla plant is a delightful source of vitamins and minerals.Enriched with calcium, iron, carotene, phosphorus and vitamin B complex it is used widely in traditional Ayurveda and Unani treatments for a wide range of ailments and is an irreplaceable natural product substitute to vitamin C supplements available in the market.

Vitamin C content in Amla helps convert cholesterol present in the liver into bile acid. In addition, it aids in boosting one’s immunity like no other organic food or natural productand prevents one from catching seasoning flu, cold or other minor infections. It is estimated that fresh natural Amla juice is 20 times richer in vitamin C compared to the vitamin C contained in the same amount of orange juice.Vitamin C in Amla can help ineasy absorption of calcium in the body to facilitate a fit and fine bone and body structure. To get the best of health benefits from organic Amla or aamla  it can be consumed as raw fruit, Amla candies, dried Amla chunks, Amla powder, Amla juice or as Amla capsules.

  1. Iron richness in Amla

Organic Amlais extremely rich in iron. Don’t judge by its size!It may be small but it is hugely enriched with minerals of medicinal qualities. Iron content in Amla aids in the improvement of haemoglobin level in blood, the red blood cells (RBC) counts and acts as an excellent blood purifier. High level of haematinic content in Amla can keep anaemia and other iron deficiency diseases at bay. Improving the iron level in the body inevitably enhances the overall well-being of the body and helps stay fresh, energetic and beautiful.

  1. Highly packed anti-oxidants in organic Amla

Organic Amla is an anti-oxidant power-house. Daily consumption of Amla in any form - fresh, preserved or as chemical free natural products,benefits in battling free radicals in the body and automatically diminishes the chances of falling prey to dreadful diseases including cancer. It strengthens the central nervous system and revitalises the entire immune system in the body. Antioxidant superoxide, tannins and pectin present in Amla attributes to making it a highly effective anti-oxidant agent. Adding Amla juice as a part of the daily breakfast meal can do wonders as it helps maintain good digestion, provides relieve to swelling or pains in joint related to arthritis, and ensures proper functioning of liver and bladder. Organic Amla washes away toxins from the body and so it is a highly recommended natural product.

Besides the richness of vitamin C, anti-oxidant and iron properties in organic Amla, the fruit is a fantastic solution to diabetes complications, premature hair greying, sore throat and cold, mouth ulcer, insomnia, fertility problems,constipation, piles, heart diseases, and an endless list of ailments. Organic Amla is an extraordinary bio-product with therapeutic qualities and should be consumed for benefitting the best of wellness from Mother Nature.

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