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Cardamom is regarded as the “queen of spices” because it is packed with health benefits. It is in the form of a small pod with black seeds inside. Both the seeds and the pod have a distinctive pleasant aroma and flavor. It also is one of the most expensive spices, ranking third, after saffron and vanilla. It used widely in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine.

The most popular and well-known health benefits of cardamom are listed below.


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  1. Promotes Cardiovascular Health


One of the main components of blood, body fluids and cells is potassium.  Cardamom is packed with this mineral. It helps to regularize the heart rate and keeps the blood pressure under control.


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  1. Protects Against Gastrointestinal Diseases


The methanolic extract from cardamom is the component that helps to control gastrointestinal disorders such as flatulence, bloating, gas, heartburn, loss of appetite, constipation, acidity and stomach cramps. It achieves this by strengthening the mucosal lining of the stomach and stimulating saliva secretion.


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  1. Improves Blood Circulation


Cardamom is effective in promoting blood circulation in the body. This helps in increased oxygenation of the organs, which in turn is responsible for their better performance.


  1. Controls Cholesterol


Cardamom has micronutrients that counteract the surge of lipids in the body thus influencing the cholesterol levels in the blood.


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  1. Anti-Depressant


Cardamom possesses antidepressant properties. It has a natural ingredient, which detoxifies the body, rejuvenates the cells and promotes an overall feeling of well-being. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that the cardamom tea is a perfect way to fight depression that affects instantly


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  1. Treats Urinary Disorders


It has diuretic properties, which clean out the urinary tract, bladder and kidneys, removing waste, salt, excess water and toxins out of the body. Thus, an effective remedy for urinary tract diseases and infections such as cystitis, nephritis, and gonorrhea.

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  1. Rich in Antioxidants


Cardamom is a good source of manganese, a mineral which plays a vital role in the production of an enzyme that scavenges and eliminates free radicals, toxins and dangerous fluids from the body leading to protection from several diseases, including cancer and premature aging.


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  1. Antimicrobial


The various volatile essential oils in cardamom inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus. It also inhibits the growth and spread of some dangerous microbes that cause food poisoning.


  1. Anti-Inflammatory


Cardamom is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties that limit the sensation of pain and swelling, especially in mucus membranes, the mouth and throat.


  1. Antispasmodic


It provides relief from involuntary muscle spasms, like intestinal and stomach cramps. It is also known to help get rid of hiccups traditionally.


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  1. Protects from Dental Diseases


Cardamom has been used in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine for dealing with dental problems for many centuries. It is known to help with bad breath, mouth ulcers and infections of the mouth and throat. Cardamom pods and seeds are generally chewed as a breath freshener.


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  1. Anti-Asthmatic


Cardamom is used as a remedy for asthma and other respiratory issues. It helps to decongest chest, expel phlegm and relax tracheal tissues. Additionally since it also increases blood circulation within the lungs thereby aiding in relieving the symptoms of breathing problems like asthma, whooping cough and bronchitis.


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Cardamom is one of the most common spices. It not only adds sweet taste and unique flavour to food, but also widely used as a natural mouth freshener. But the humble green pod has a lot more to offer – health wise.



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