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Coffee is undisputedly the most popular beverage in the world, coming in second only after water, of course, and due to its popularity it is also one of the commodities that are traded the most. The demand in the production of coffee is, therefore, increasing day by and so inorganic practices are used in its production very commonly, such as the large-scale spraying of pesticides and fungicides on coffee plantations.

What poison are you drinking in your coffee?

Commercially available non-organic coffee is grown on large plantations by agri-business conglomerates and with the increasing market demand for coffee, the need for improving the yield of the crop by any means possible becomes their main aim. The most commonly used pesticide compounds on the coffee crop areMethyl Parathion, Endosulfan, Chlorpyrifos and Triadimefon all of which are exceedingly dangerous, affecting the nervous system and the other organ systems of the body.

What is your alternative?

Organic Coffee is grown in the traditional method of growing coffee that is by using the method of shade growing. Shade grown coffee implies that the coffee is grown completely organically under a canopy of trees instead of cutting down rainforests to obtain land for cultivation. Organic coffee is also free from harmful pesticide compounds as the fertilizer used for the coffee is always 100% organic as well.

7 reasons to choose organic coffee over regular coffee

  1. Avoid ingesting pesticides

Organic coffee is cultivated using entirely organic methods, and so you don’t run the risk of ingesting any scary pesticides that are involved in the production of conventional coffee beans.


  1. Avoid drinking chemical residues

Regular coffee goes through a variety of chemical treatments during its production phase before they are sorted, ground and packed into your favourite brand of coffee powder. Organic coffee beans aren’t touched by any chemicals during their processing, and stringent checks are in place to avoid that.



  1. Ensure the safety of the environment

Conventional coffee is farmed on huge plantations formed by the cutting down of large areas of rainforests. This causes a huge negative impact on the earth. Reduce the damage you create to the environment by doing what you can to support a good cause. With each sip of your healthy organic coffee you can feel good about doing your bit to protect the environment.


  1. Do a good deed

The pesticides and insecticides that are sprayed on the fields during the cultivation of regular coffee may never affect you or your loved ones, but it will affect the indigenous population of the coffee growing lands. By supporting organic coffee that is not only so much healthier for you and your body, you are also helping the population of a land that grows your coffee for you by sparing their soil, water and bodies from being polluted by the most toxic of pesticides.

  1. You’ll never get a bad bean

Unless specifically stated on the packaging, you can’t be sure whether you are drinking only good quality Arabica beans with most conventional coffee brands. In the case of Organic Coffee brands each bean will be of the best quality and you can be assured that you will never have a coffee bean of low quality in your cup of Organic Coffee.


  1. It’s not too expensive

Yes, organic coffee is more expensive than regular coffee. But when you compare it with regular coffee that is of good quality (something that says 100% Arabica on the label) there isn’t really that much of a difference.

  1.  It tastes much better

If you are a true coffee lover, surely you’ve heard of the myth of the perfect cup? The purity and freshness of Organic Coffee beans ensure that you will get the perfect cup of coffee every single time. Once you have tasted the coffee made of the purest of coffee beans, you will never be able to go back to drinking plain old coffee ever again.

Whether the first thing in the morning or as a quick energy boost multiple times over the course of a busy day, a cup of coffee is more than just a beverage, it is a way of life. Start a brand new healthy habit by getting your first Organic Coffee from right here.


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