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Desi Ghee is a staple ingredient in Indian cuisine and it always has been that way. Recently, however due to the sudden increase in the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes people worry about their intake of all sorts of food. Ghee is technically fat and therefore, it must be bad, or so runs their reasoning. The reality however, is a little different from that.

Why is ghee healthy while butter is not?

Pure organic ghee is a type of clarified butter with slight variations in the clarification process. The butter is heated over a fire until the liquid is removed and the remaining fat caramelizes causing ghee to have a richer taste and nutty aroma. The process of clarification involved in the production of ghee also ensures that the fats that remain are unsaturated fats which are healthier for consumption. A spoon of ghee also has a lot more flavour than an equivalent amount of butter, which means that a lot of flavours can be added with just a comparatively smaller quantity.

If used in moderation, ghee is completely healthy to use due to the absence of unhealthy saturated fats. Also, make sure to find a pure, organic ghee that does not include vegetable fats or preservatives.

Six ways in which ghee helps your body

  1. Ghee is Healthier than Butter and Oil

Ghee contains a greater concentration of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that are healthier and safer for consumption when compared with saturated fats and trans fats. Additionally, ghee is also far easier to be metabolized by the body and is a safer option in comparison to butter


  1. Aids digestion

By stimulating the secretion of stomach acids, pure organic ghee is good for digestion. Unlike oil and butter which move slowly through the digestive tract due to the difficulty in digesting them, ghee is good for digestion and acts in an opposite manner. Ghee is also rich in Vitamins A, D, E, and K and since it is easy to digest, it is easy for the body to absorb these vitamins from ghee.



  1. Reduces cholesterol

Pure organic ghee stimulates the secretion of biliary lipids and therefore aids the reduction of cholesterol levels in the intestines as well as serum. Also, since the fat content of ghee is less than that of butter, the consumption of ghee is healthier than the consumption of butter for someone who eats a balanced diet and exercises regularly. For someone who already has high cholesterol levels, ghee does not however have medicinal value.


  1. High antioxidant levels

Organic ghee is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help the body by reacting against free radicals and also by preventing the oxidation of many necessary molecules. In this way, it helps the body absorb minerals and vitamins present in the food readily. It also helps to build your body’s immune system by building up resistance against seasonal diseases and common allergies.



  1. Fights cancer causing agents

The presence of Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA in ghee which is known to possess multiple beneficial properties is considered to be a probable factor that causes cancer-fighting properties that have been observed in ghee as per preliminary research. Consumption of ghee appeared to have reduced the risk of cell proliferation in lab rats under a controlled environment during an experiment on the cancer-fighting effects of ghee.


  1. Rejuvenates skin

Regular consumption of ghee has found to have repairing effects on the skin. The skin has found to become healthy, clear and supple with a regular, controlled intake of ghee.

With all these health benefits added to the wonderful rich flavour and aroma of pure, organic ghee that is 100% safe and free of preservatives, why do you have to hold back? Enjoy your favourite meal with a dollop of pure desi ghee that you can buy from right here and taste the difference.


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