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Who doesn’t want better concentration and focus? Who doesn’t want to be able recollect every bit of information as best they can? It’s practical and would make some parts of our lives so much easier.


Of course, concentration is more than a matter of drinking a cup of tea or having a bowl of oatmeal. Our ability to concentrate during the day drops partly because we tired over the course of the day and our brain simply needs some rest from all the strain it undergoes. For most of us, it undergoes a lot of strain. Some of the foods and substances in this article simply give the body a little boost in energy, and thus the brain, making it possible to concentrate a little longer. Others operate a little more indirectly, supplementing elements of the body that participate in cognitive function. Whatever it be, they are all useful if you want you like to improve your ability to concentrate.


A diet alone won’t make you a chess grandmaster; you’re going to have to engage the brain to get it as good as it can be, and that takes time. These foods though will help.


  1. Oatmeal


We can’t count how many times we’ve recommended oatmeal as a part of the daily diet. It’s got a lengthy list of benefits, benefits which benefit different parts of the body, the brain included of course.


Oatmeal is a real energy booster. For the average person, a single bowl of oatmeal can double the amount of energy they would otherwise possess. This allows the individual to hold their concentration for longer. Oatmeal is also excellent at regulating blood sugar levels and promoting healthy bowel movements. The former benefit is useful for all, but especially for diabetics.


  1. Water


Water? How could water help boost concentration, you ask?


A lack of water, and it has to be said that most people don’t drink as much water as they should, can cause tiredness. A corollary to this is that anything dehydrating should be limited, and of course that refers to alcohol. (But we don’t really need to say that alcohol causes a loss in concentration)


Drink a sufficient amount of water everyday. It might not give you a superhuman boost in concentration but a lack of it can restrain your brain. Not to mention all the damaging effects of drinking too little water.


  1. Green Tea


Yes, tea would inevitably find its way onto this list. The great drink has long been known to aid focus. Chemical substances in the tea like theanine help the drinker focus and regain concentration after a mid-day drop in cognitive ability.


  1. Coffee


Ah, coffee. The bitter drink is what everyone goes for when an all-nighter needs to be pulled. You don’t scientific backing to believe that coffee is an aid to concentration and focus, anyone who has drunk it will tell you how magnificent it can be in perking you up.


Don’t go too far with the coffee, however. It is a dehydrating drink and drinking too much can give you a headache.


  1. Spinach


Spinach is the green, leafy vegetable that has been given PR by almost every mother on the planet. There’s a reason for that too - it’s an excellent food for the brain. Spinach contains folate, vitamins and minerals, and all in abundance. These are all necessary for the brain to function properly. Daily intake, or at least consistent intake, of spinach can greatly boost your ability to concentrate.


  1. Flaxseeds


Flaxseeds are full of the good stuff called omega-3 fatty acids. These substances help your brain maintain concentration, apart from offering many other benefits. A spoonful or two a day wouldn’t go amiss. You can sprinkle it over some salad or oatmeal, or eat them as they are. They’re good every way!


There you have it, some good foods that will help you concentrate better. Start eating them immediately!


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