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Organic Snacks


Snacks are a problem for a lot of people. Three square meals aside, we get hungry at odd times of the day, go to the kitchen to grab a snack, the snack ends up overflowing with fat and calories, and the result is a gradual increase in weight leading to obesity and a slew of other medical problems.

 This entire mess can be avoided with one decisive move, namely you saying no to unhealthy snacks like potato chips and similar packaged munchies and taking up the ones that really matter. After all, snacks do not have to go altogether. Why throw out the idea when you can easily replace them with something organic that boosts your health instead of interfering with it?


  1. Brown Rice

There is much to say about brown rice that has made the wonder-crop a reputed weight-loss option. We will cover a few of its benefits here.


  • Because it is rich in fiber, it caters to ideal digestion and bowel movements, and therefore promotes weight loss. In addition to consistent bowel movements, brown rice is known for granting that ‘full and satisfied’ feeling, meaning you will not feel the urge to eat more than your body needs.
  • Also, thanks to its rich fiber content, brown rice battles signs of colon cancer. By latching onto cancerous substances before the toxins can group up into something truly dangerous, the fiber in brown rice helps flush the bad stuff before they can grab onto the walls of the colon.
  • Not all fat is bad. Some types are good for you, and brown rice contains naturally occurring oils (the ‘good fat’) that level out cholesterol amounts in your body.

 Brown Rice Snack



  1. Wild Berries

The gorgeous blend of organic seeds, berries, and nuts has rendered wild berries a health punch like none other. Most of these ingredients are tasty and ‘raw organic’ in nature, meaning you get the ultimate health boost each ingredient can possibly provide.


  • One of the major members of the wild berry family is almond, known to contain a wealth of proteins, vitamin E, magnesium, and copper. Unsaturated fatty acids are another high point about almonds; these are the ‘good guys’. Sundry minerals and vitamins along with bioactive compounds like phytosterols and antioxidants comprise this heart-oriented nut; Organic Almonds certainly do make for a healthy snack choice.
  • The next ingredient is pumpkin seeds, known to be abundant in nutrients including zinc, copper, magnesium, protein, and manganese. Additionally, they also contain phytosterols (a plant compound) and antioxidants that get rid of free radicals in your system.
  • Sunflower seeds are next on the list, containing vitamins B1 and E, and copper. The sheer potential for these to reduce risk of type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease is amazing.
  • Let us not forget raisins, which are also part of the family and bring superb cancer prevention and hypertension reducing properties to something as simple as snack time. You gain the healthy kind of weight, none of that unwanted fat stuff. Great for bones, teeth, and eyes raisins make a big difference to health.
  • Powerful antioxidant-carrying foods, blueberries are next to consider. Touted to be the world’s healthiest food, blueberries have a very low glycemic index and pack outstanding potential for brain health.
  • Last on the power-list comes cranberries, half a cup of which has only 25 calories. From fighting blood pressure and urinary tract infections to packing fiber and vitamins C and E, cranberries make some of the most ideal dietary additions of all.


You can indulge this snack choice at any time of day or night.


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