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Reducing belly fat post delivery is surely a herculean task. No matter how much you control your diet, the bulging tummy just do not go away. Well, we bring to a few simple ingredients, which are really helping in reducing tummy flab. Just incorporate them in your diet and flaunt a flat belly like never before.

  1. Honey

Honey is definitely a sure shot remedy to cut down on belly fat. To consume it, take a glass of lukewarm water. Add four to five spoons of lemon and about one spoon of honey to it. Mix well and drink it every morning on empty stomach. A regular intake will surely help you lose weight. All the more, your skin will become clean and radiant.

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  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a wonder spice which helps in reducing fat on your stomach. To consume it, take half spoon of cinnamon powder and mix it in a glass of water. After five minutes, add a spoon of honey to this water. Strain and drink it before your morning meal and before hitting the bed every day.

Cinnamon is known to possess properties, which help in preventing cancer. To know more about it, click here.

  1. Hot Water

Drinking around a litre of hot water every day helps in reducing belly fat. Make sure that you do this ritual on empty stomach. This will help in flushing out toxins from the body, thus boosting your metabolism.

  1. Avocado

Since avocado is rich in fibre content, it keeps hunger under control. Fibre makes you feel full for a longer period of time, therefore allowing you to consume fewer calories. Once you eat less, you automatically burn extra fat. Besides, the monounsaturated fatty acids present in this fruit target belly fat as well.

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  1. Tomatoes

Owing to its citrus properties, tomatoes are great for weight loss. The citrus content targets the fat deposits on your belly, thus stimulating metabolism. So, consume raw tomatoes in your diet for speeding the weight loss process.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea is a detoxifier as it flushes out all the bad toxins for the body, thus promoting good metabolism. A good metabolic rate further helps in speeding up the weight loss process. So, ditch your caffeine content and say yes to green tea.

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  1. Ginger

Ginger tea is best for weight loss. To make it, boil some water and add an inch of ginger to it. Now add some honey and black pepper to it. Let it simmer for about two minutes. Substitute your milk tea with this concoction every morning. Honey helps in dissolving the fat content while ginger and pepper aim at boosting metabolism.

  1. Mint

Mint is great herb, which helps in burning belly fat. To use it, take one spoon of honey, some crushed mint leaves, a pinch of black pepper and add it to a cup of hot water. Let all the ingredients infuse their aroma in this hot water for about five minutes. Later, strain it and drink it every morning on empty stomach. Mint is responsible for soothing the stomach, and honey and pepper burns down the fat content.

  1. Curry Leaves

It is must ingredient in several South Indian recipes. Curry leaves aim at flushing out body toxins and therefore, boosting metabolism. Once the metabolic rate comes on track, it does not allow accumulation of fat on your tummy.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps you feel full, thus curbing your appetite. So, incorporate it in your diet and therefore, cut down on your calories intake. This remedy will surely help you in reducing the flab on the belly. Besides weight loss, apple cider vinegar is also responsible for controlling the levels of blood sugar in the body.

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  1. Cardamom

Cardamom is another great spice, which helps in speeding the metabolic rate of the body. And we know that a good metabolic rate boosts bowel movement, thus aiding weight loss.

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