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The moment you enter the supermarket, you get hit by an avalanche of oral care products. Toothpaste,  mouthwash, dental floss, tooth brushes of various shapes and sizes; doesn’t this make you wonder if 45 seconds of vigorous brushing are enough for dental care?

Well, let me answer that for you; It’s not. Teeth and gums are probably the most ignored parts of our body. Dental treatments can be rather painful and heavy on the pocket. Not just that, some studies state that poor gum care can lead to heart diseases. That’s reason enough to keep your pearly whites and gums in excellent condition.

But, every minor dental issue doesn’t need a dentist’s attention. And you certainly don’t have to spend a hefty amount on ‘over the counter’ dental care products. Simple home remedies with easily available natural ingredients can help you keep your teeth in perfect condition.  Read on for more information on home care of dental issues:

  1. Keeping your pearly whites sparkling

You decide to flash your pretty smile to impress the boy next door, and suddenly stop; yellowed teeth giving you nightmares? You don’t need to necessarily visit the dentist for teeth cleansing. Ayurveda has an excellent remedy for it. Just before you brush your teeth, take a tablespoon of sesame oil, gargle with it and make sure it coats every corner of your mouth. Continue it for the next 5 – 10 minutes and follow up with brushing.

This sesame oil rinse will make your teeth sparkle and will also detoxify your body. To know more about detoxifying properties of sesame oil, Click Here.

Foods rich in vitamin C also help in teeth whitening. Rubbing teeth with lemons or strawberries twice a week can add that extra spark to your teeth. Rinsing the mouth with apple cider vinegar also helps in teeth polishing.

  1. Bad breath

Bad breath can be a nightmare for many. It can be severely distressing for you and to those around you. To eliminate bad breath, start off with drinking plenty of water as it hydrates you and decreases production of saliva, hence decreasing production of bacteria in the mouth.

Chewing on spices is another great way to counter bad breath. Spices like cloves,  cardamom, fennel and dill can effectively reduce bad breath by killing bacterial growth on the tongue. These spices have a host of other benefits. You can read more about medicinal properties of fennel Here.

  1. Toothache

Even though is sounds like a minor problem, toothache can cause severe discomfort and pain killers don’t exactly help the cause.

An instant remedy for toothache is clove. Application of clove powder on affected tooth relieves pain within minutes. Other than that, salt water rinse cleans away the debris collected around the tooth and reduces swelling.

Peppermint tea also helps in reducing pain. You can either press a wet tea bag against the affected tooth or just sip on hot peppermint tea. Astringent tannins present in this concoction act as pain relievers. To know all about benefits of peppermint tea, Click Here.

  1. Mouth Ulcers

Eruption of these tiny little boils inside the mouth can take away all the pleasure from eating. All of us are too familiar with the stinging irritation caused by mouth ulcers.

First and foremost, one must do salt water gargles to prevent ulcers from getting infected. Chewing Tulsi leaves thrice a day also helps in getting relief from ulcers.

  1. Gum Care

Gum care is one of the most important aspects of maintaining gum health. Generally, brushing twice and day and regular flossing can do the trick. However, Neem twigs have been found more effective than mouthwashes. Brushing teeth with neem twigs few times a week can ensure that your gums stay in excellent condition and can also cure minor gum conditions.

So, look around your kitchen cupboard to find cures for your dental troubles and flash that gorgeous smile wherever you go!




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