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While green tea took the world by storm a while ago and has been a popular drink ever since, green coffee got famous a few years ago and is slowly becoming a healthy option for coffee lovers.

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Green coffee is basically the unroasted version of traditional coffee. When coffee beans are roasted, a significant amount of chlorogenic acid is lost in the process. This substance is a type of antioxidant, which has immense benefits for your health, and hence, green coffee is said to have higher nutrient value than its black counterpart while retaining the same amount of caffeine. Chlorogenic acid, along with caffeine and other elements of green coffee, are said to have significant health benefits.

Research conducted across the world has shown that green coffee and its extracts are safe for consumption and no serious side effects have been found with appropriate consumption patterns.

Some of the benefits of drinking green coffee are:

  1. Aids Weight Loss

While a cup of coffee a day drunk black without any sugar or milk is said to boost your metabolism, aiding your weight loss, green coffee is said to have an even bigger impact on helping you shed those extra kilos, primarily because it has higher amounts of chlorogenic acid which helps maintain blood sugar levels and increases your metabolic rate. Drinking green coffee is said to reduce your body fat percentage and your liver’s fat composition. However, it should be noted that these results are not instantaneous, and require daily consumption of green coffee for a minimum period of 12 weeks.

  1. Fights Against Cancer

Unroasted coffee beans, popularly known as green coffee, are immensely effective antioxidants which help the body flush out harmful chemicals and eliminate free radicals, thus keeping cells healthy and functioning optimally. Due to their detoxifying properties, green coffee beans are said to be effective in preventing cancer.

  1. Positively Impacts the Brain and Nervous System

While regular coffee keeps you awake at work, green coffee has the added benefit of making you happy. Yes, it’s true – it has positive effects on your brain and nervous system, impacting your mood, memory, attention, alertness and reaction levels. It also makes you less tired and more energetic.

  1. Maintains Blood Pressure Levels

The high amounts of chlorogenic acid found in green coffee not just promote weight loss, but also keep a check on blood pressure levels. Regular consumption of green coffee reduces levels in patients with this disorder, and prevents hypertension. Also, unlike medication or artificial substances, if taken in moderation, it does not have any side effects.

Some critics of green coffee say that the chlorogenic acid doesn’t actually burn fat, and only satiates your appetite making you full faster and reducing your consumption of other foods, thereby decreasing the calorie value of your meal. Research adds that the acid reacts with your meal, slowing down the release of glucose, thereby keeping a check on sugar levels and helping to prevent diabetes. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you!

While green coffee has positive effects on your body, it is important to keep in mind that it too contains caffeine and thus, needs to be had in regulated amounts. Consuming large amounts of caffeine can have adverse effects on your nervous system. Also, pregnant women and lactating mothers are recommended to avoid drinking green coffee. If you have any particular severe health issues, it is best to consult a physician or nutritionist before trying green coffee.

Research shows that the optimal daily amount of green coffee consumption is 1-3 cups a day. Due to its growing awareness, green coffee is now available in the form of food supplement pills, and is also used as an enriching substance in energy drinks. However, it is best to drink it brewed fresh and in its purest form.

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