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Problems in our digestive system may lead to clogging of ingested food which may result in numerous digestion problems.

In ayurvedic medicine there is a complete emphasis on proper digestion of food which results in good health.

Ayurveda works on the fundamental of:

  • Tridosha: Vata, Pitta and Kapha
  • Saptdhatu: the seven tissues
  • Mala: Exercise

In Ayurveda, digestion power is termed as Agni which is the digestive fire. Agni in general comprises of all the digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid, good bacteria and pH.

Another important classification is the categorization of food and herbs:

  • Sattvic: It means pure. It includes ghee, vegetables, fruits and milk which lead to enlightenment and awakening.
  • Rajasic: It includes strong spices, onion; garlic etc., which creates vigour, compassion and fertility.
  • Tamasic: It includes meat and food which are non-organically produced. They induce drowsiness, dullness and sleepiness in us.

Keeping all these in mind Ayurveda used certain strong herbs which help in digestion. Some of these herbs and spices are anti-bacterial and anti-viral and have anti-oxidant properties.


Emblica officinalis

Amla which is commonly called Indian Gooseberry is known for high sources of Vitamin C and bioflavonoid.  This fruit looks like a plum and has anti-aging properties. It is good for our immunity system.


Terminalia Chebula

It is rich in amino acids, fructose, tannins and succinic acid. It has strong anti-bacterial properties which work against E-coli bacteria, Cholera and Salmonella. Haritaki eliminates toxins and aids in digestion.


Triphala has good quantities of photochemical and bioflavonoid. It comes under Rasayan which is a rejuvenating formula. Triphala is mildly laxative; it aids in digestion and is diuretic. It is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E and has anti-viral properties.


It is a wonderful anti-inflammatory, a blood thinner and aids in digestion. All these wonderful properties are due to the presence of an enzyme called protease. Ginger increases blood circulation and it is an anti-oxidant.


Father of Ayurveda, Charak mentioned that Pippli is a strong appetite stimulator and build immunity in our body. The whole fruit is known for its anti allergic properties.


It is the most prized herb in Ayurveda. It is known for its anti-allergic, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. It also protects the body from cancer. It helps in digestion and protects the body against salmonella.

How to improve your digestion?

By know we all know the rich properties of Ayurvedic herbs. However, it is also essential to follow the rituals of medications religiously. Whenever we are distracted during our meals our body takes a lot of time to digest our food. In Ayurveda it is preached to eat slowly and peacefully to help in good digestion.

It is also believed not to eat when you are upset and not to gulp cold water with your food this will dilute the digestive juices and thus digestion slows down. In fact sipping warm water or ginger tea acts as a stimulant.

Always eat when you are hungry and there should be a gap between your meals. If you do not follow a regular pattern of eating and eat at different times there will be irregular enzyme secretion which will lower down your digestion.

Digestion is strongest at noon time, so your largest meal should be lunch. Mid day is the best time to have a good meal as you need energy for the entire day plus you have good time to digest your meal. Your dinners should always be light.

The amount of food intake depends on your body weight, height and digestive capacity. In Ayurveda meditation is the key to all problems. It is advisable to meditate before you eat. Meditation means you are developing your relation with the food you eat. People pray before they eat as they thank the Mother Nature for the most important gift of life. This practise allows your body to absorb nutrients, aroma, colour from the food. This way your digestion improves.

Ayurveda talks about balance between emotions, physical balance and metal balance which keeps your digestion in right pace. It is always good to include organic food in your diet according to your season type.

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