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Whenever I walk down the fruit aisle in a supermarket and pass by a fruit vendor on the road in summers, the first thing that attracts me is the sweet smell of mangoes. The king of fruits comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and flavours, alas! It doesn’t come in all seasons! May be this is the reason why we eagerly wait for summer season, so that we can lay our hands on mangoes and dig our teeth deep within and savour the flavours. Apart from being tasty, this sweet but fibrous fruit is also very healthy. It helps to control blood pressure, blood sugar and even reduces the risks of cancer. Mango is also considered to be a great aphrodisiac, but did you know that mango is also very beneficial for skin and hair, if not keep reading and you will know 6 amazing uses to get a radiant skin and enhance your hair health and growth. 

1. Glowing and rejuvenated skin: Mango is rich in vitamin A, which makes the skin soft, glowing, radiant and rejuvenated. All you have to do is apply some mango pulp on your skin and massage it to gain benefits from the mango pulp. If you are thinking, that why would you waste the mango by applying it on your skin, instead of applying it on your tongue, I mean eating it, but you are greedy enough to wish that you could eat and savour your mango and also be benefitted of its topical application, worry not, I have a solution for you. How about a Mango Fruit Cream, it contains all the qualities that which the direct application of mango pulp has. Now how about getting a mango massage while eating one? Would paradise look any different? I doubt!

2. Exfoliates and hydrates skin: Mango is well known to have exfoliating properties. It is rich in antioxidants which helps to fight the signs of ageing, reduces wrinkles and fine lines. A mango face pack is considered very useful to hydrate and nourish your facial skin. But if you don’t have time to pamper yourself with a exfoliating mask, how about using a Mango Shower Gel?

3. Alkalises body and cleanses the skin: Mango is a rich source of tartaric acid and malic acid which is very important to maintain the alkali reserve throughout the body. Mango clears pores and cleanses them thus adding glow to your skin. It also removes dirt and oil from the skin pores. Now tell me, who wouldn’t like a nice warm bath with a Mango Soap that would alkalise your body.

4. De-tan and gives fairer skin: We know that mango is a very rich source of Vitamin A which is a vital nutrient for healthy skin, it helps to remove dark spots and acne marks. Applying mango pulp also gives you a fairer complexion. Mango skin is very useful to de-tan the skin. Thus mango has great utility to have blemish free fair skin. This is the reason why this Mango Bleach is a must have in your beauty regime.

5. Removes dead skin: Mango clears clogged pores and thus helps the skin to breath. It also removes dead skin cells and enhances the growth of new and healthy skin. Now you know why it is important to scrub your body using a Mango Scrub.

6. Hair: Thanks to mango’s exfoliating properties, it makes a great hair conditioner. It also fights dandruff and moisturises and nourishes the scalp, thus reducing hair fall, greying hair and giving you long, strong, healthy and lustrous hair. Now tell me, won’t adding a Mango Conditioner to your hair wash regime be beneficial for your hair?

So here were few amazing uses of mango that would revamp your life and would help you to flaunt a radiant look and I bet you didn’t know more than one use of mango, which was eating!


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