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Keeping away from processed foods is easier said than done. What do you replace them with? That is the question. If you lack a healthy alternative to a bad diet choice like snacking on cookies then you will only pile up more calories.  The best that you can do is choosing to go with organic cookies that have numerous health benefits without compromising on taste factor.

The first thing that leaps into people’s minds when they think of healthy organic cookies is granola bars. They are a long-standing choice for natural foods that contain all-natural ingredients. Things have grown since the granola bar came on the scene. Today, we have several amazing cookie selections that pack little to no calories and all the healthy goodness you need to get fit and stay that way.

In our power list, we are going to cover cookies that have incorporated some of the most potent ingredients of all time: Amaranth seeds, Buckwheat, and Oatmeal.

You can take up one or the other or buy them all and create a varied fun snack routine for different days, especially after workouts and meals; the ball is in your court.

  1. Amaranth Cookies

Essentially a seed (not a grain as most people call it), this little feller from the Amaranth plant is proving to be supremely powerful for health.

In fact, even pre-Columbian Aztecs used this as part of their staple diet not to mention religious events. Amaranth almost went forgotten in the 16th century when Spanish conquerors under the command of Cortez defeated the Aztecs and burned their crops, calling Amaranth forbidden. The plant lived on and we are learning just how potent it is.

  • Iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. These vitamins and minerals are present in Amaranth. 1 RDA-oriented cup of Amaranth contains 82% iron, 14% Vitamin C, and 31% Calcium.
  • Containing 13% natural protein, this is one of the highest protein content in any seed/grain out there, namely 26 grams per cup.
  • Amaranth has also shown to lower cholesterol levels. Its plant-based phytosterol content is high enough to cut the onset and progression of cholesterol in your system.
  • The amino acid Lysine calls Amaranth home. So many seeds/grains are low on Lysine. By accommodating all essential amino acids, Amaranth has veritably become a complete protein.
  • Containing absolutely no gluten, your nutrition just got the boost it needs. This is an especially great option for those suffering from gluten-intolerance or celiac.
  • Possessing goodly amounts of fibre, Amaranth brings 13 grams of dietary fibre in each uncooked cup to your meals.

  1. Buckwheat Cookies

Despite the name, Buckwheat is not wheat at all but a fruit-based seed. Known for its energizing and nourishing properties, here is what Buckwheat brings to the table.

  • From strengthening your intestines to promoting healthy appetite levels, Buckwheat is more than capable of fighting chronic diarrhoea and dysentery.
  • It too contains no gluten, making it a perfect diet choice for those who are gluten-intolerant or have celiac.
  • A few studies have shown Buckwheat battling diabetes. It can lower blood sugar levels thanks to its Glycemic index of 54, which is wonderfully low.
  • Starch obtained from Buckwheat can be used as an ideal alternative to fat when it comes to processed foods; there is hope, after all.
  • This wonder-seed is also capable of removing excess fluids from swollen regions in your body.
  • It is rich in antioxidants and carbohydrates (of which there is 80% in this seed), in addition to great quantities of iron, protein (including the vaunted amino acid Lysine), niacin, zinc, copper, and Rutin (a medicine derived from Buckwheat leaves and also present in the seeds that helps fight blood pressure).

  1. Oatmeal Cookies

You have probably heard more about oats and oatmeal than the other two health choices above. What more can be said about this superb power-grain?

  • Containing a wealth of dietary fibre, your intestines and digestion quality is greatly improved when oatmeal is part of your diet.
  • It brings extraordinarily low levels of fat.
  • High protein content makes this the go-to food for most occasions.
  • With only 130 calories per cup of oatmeal, you can imagine how few are going into your system via these cookies that are designed to imitate the healthiest measures possible.
  • Oatmeal has a tendency to stay in the stomach for a while longer and impart that ‘full and satisfied’ feeling, meaning you will not feel unnecessarily hungry.
  • It grips the good cholesterol (HDL) and kicks out the bad version (LDL).
  • It is completely gluten free.
  • Its large carbohydrate and fibre content slows the conversion process of food to blood sugar. Oatmeal, therefore, stabilizes blood sugar levels and denies diabetes the chance to grow roots.
  • Insulin and glucose secretion in your system is wonderfully improved due to Oatmeal’s high magnesium levels.
  • Containing a wealth of plant Lignans, especially enterolactone, Oatmeal safeguards your body against heart disease and cancers that are hormone-dependent. It has even shown to fight symptoms of breast cancer.


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