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Tea is the most preffered breverage of the English. It is especially the English Breakfast Tea that has a special blend of black tea minus any herbs. If it is merely black tea, why then do they called it English Breakfast Tea? To set it apart and give people a chance to learn that it is essentially a blend of teas from Kenya, Assam, and Ceylon with leaves coming from one plant, namely the Camellia sinensis. Even green teas and Oolong share this plant as their source. Some people are already figuring out the massive health potential in English Breakfast tea. Let us delve into details.

 It is interesting to know that this unique tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and is the second most widely drunk beverage in the world after water.

Not only has black tea shown to hold its flavour for several years, it is rich in nutrients and flavonoids that boost your health like few other tea-based beverages. Remember that coffee contains caffeine while tea is a storehouse of theobromine; the former is unhealthy compared to the latter.Commonly served with milk accompanied by lemon or sugar, or honey if you see fit, you can take this beverage as many times a day. Its rich antioxidant content brings outstanding health to your system not to mention a burst of tasty goodness to your palate.

  1. Kidney Stones

A four-year study at Brigham and Women’s' Hospital in Boston proved beyond a doubt that English Breakfast tea prevents the formation of kidney stones. Giving more than 80,000 women a daily dose of this particular black tea, 8-ounce cups each, showed remarkable kidney stone reduction nearing the end of the study.

Keep away from grapefruit juice if you have kidney stone problems; increases stone formation.

  1. Dentistry

No, not the practice, the word directly refers to your teeth. On average, people tend to take about 2 to 3 milligrams of fluoride each day; this takes the form of toothpaste, food, or fluorinated drinking water.

In a study conducted by the Medical College of Georgia, 1 litre of black tea has shown to contain as much as 9 mg of natural fluoride. Even if you drank English Breakfast Tea everyday, 20 millilitres of fluoride is considered safe. You are well within the safe limit while granting your teeth a super-cool dose of health and protection.

Even with sugar added to this black tea, it shows outstanding tooth protection properties. The UK's Northwest Dental Public Health Resource Centre carried out a study in 1995 where 6,000 children were involved. Some were given tea while others, carbonated beverages; in keeping with their health, of course. Guess which group experienced less tooth decay?

  1. Cancer

It is not yet proven that English Breakfast Tea can stop or slow the production of cancer cells but Rutgers University discovered it contains theaflavin-3’-monogallate, aka TF-2. This compound encouraged colorectal cancer cells to eliminate themselves while leaving normal cells unharmed; almost like magic.

That same compound also showed to suppress a gene commonly linked to colon cancer, namely Cox 2. The gene triggers normal cells into producing cancer-causing molecules, leading to inflammation and colon cancer.

English Breakfast Tea has, to all intents and purposes, shown to keep this from happening.

  1. Arteries

The Boston University School of Medicine has unequivocally studied English Breakfast Tea or black tea in general, when it was administered over 4 weeks to over 70 people with 70% arterial blockage. It showed enhanced blood vessel functioning. The nearly 50% improvement led researcher Joseph Vita, M.D. to conclude that black tea can prevent or alleviate arterial diseases, thereby preventing strokes and heart attacks.

The flavonoids present in black tea, and certainly in English Breakfast Tea, are plant-based antioxidants that kill free radicals and prevent arterial plaque build-up.

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