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Pure Organic Honey has been a primary component in mainstream diet for millions around the world and for ages, dating back to around 2400BC around Cairo, where the earliest bee hives were recorded. Since ancient times, man owes his health and well being to tiny honey bees, by far one of the most important aspects of the ecosystem. Honey is a versatile potion, the liquid gold that generates life force energy throughout the body. Organic Honey distributes energy optimally in the body and stimulates brain function more effectively than other naturally occurring element. For this reason, Organic Honey has proven potential to act on the overall functioning of the brain, counteracting any forms of depleting energy in all or parts of the brain and boosting glucose and energy levels to their optimal thresholds. In this process, Organic Honey miraculously balances brain fluids and energy distribution, thus boosting overall function, more so memory and retention abilities.

The Effect of Memory Loss on the Whole System Can Be Profound

Memory Loss is a condition that affects almost everyone after a certain age, more so people who have crossed their forties. While some individuals might experience sudden, marked loss of memory owing to a serious incident or accident resulting in head injury, others might experience more gradual memory loss. It is strikingly evident how gradual memory loss has become more and more difficult to manage during the past few years and people drifting into chronic Alzheimer’s after loss of memory in phases is more of a norm rather than an exception these days. While this process of degeneration is quite scary on the periphery, it is a gradual cycle and involves depletion of essential chemicals required for functioning of the brain. Often times, the brain tends to starve due to inefficient supply of required fluids that help it think and drive bodily functions. Organic Honey is one unmatched choice of traditional healing techniques that can gradually and effectively restore the deficit of energy and glucose in the brain and restore memory function.


Nowadays, we are involved in the vicious cycle of a lifestyle that drives us into taking medications and prescription drugs for stress relief including antidepressants, anti-stress and anxiety medications, sleeping pills, pain relievers, muscle relaxants and antihistamines. All these medications produce memory loss as their side effects. Further, alcohol is another lifestyle choice that is addictive and gradually leads to memory loss. Smoking is yet another menace that puts people to high risks, one of them being memory loss. Related to these lifestyle choices are lack of sleep and more stress and anxiety, literally consuming the person into a vicious cycle that is hard to break from. However, Organic Honey is that gentle tonic that works on several fronts throughout the body, due to its numerous inbuilt healing qualities and creates optimum energy flow from the inside out.


How Organic Honey Heals the Brain through Holistic Healing

Organic Honey heals many internal organ systems, the most important and primary healing being directed to the brain and memory. Organic Honey has proven potential, as observed from numerous research studies, to be able to reverse memory loss when consumed on a regular basis. Studies compared the brain healing powers of Organic Honey to even hormone therapies and found that results were comparable and competitive.  Organic Honey works on the whole system and due to the holistic healing of the brain; it improves overall brain function and concentration in order to support memory retention effectively and from all frontiers. Further, Organic Honey contains anti oxidants which are able to prevent cell damage from ageing and degeneration. In some cases it is known to stimulate cell growth in the brain. Also, Organic Honey is known to relax the nerves and help recover damaged and misfiring nerves. As a holistic healer, Organic Honey has the potential to work on the whole body system and fix inefficient metabolism processes and impart a sense of overall well-being.


How Organic Honey Can be Consumed for Best Results

Organic Honey can either be taken at breakfast or bedtime, a teaspoon at a time to prevent the brain from starving and boosting memory. Honey can also be consumed by adding one or two tablespoons to a glass of water for optimal absorption by the brain as the best source of glucose.

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