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In today’s world, buying something just on its face value or packaging can be a grave mistake. Something that sports a label claiming to be “all natural” might not be so, as headways in technology has somehow managed to alter the way we perceive food completely. Years of harmful farming practices have also ensured that whatever we consume is somehow tainted with pesticides or chemical fertilizers that in no way belong to our bodies. Consuming juices have long been considered essential to a healthy lifestyle and food habit, but most often than not we have to skip juicing as it can prove to be quite a taxing and time consuming task. Most of us even opt for the easier route and go for the packaged juices just to save time, but these juices aren’t that healthy as they are claimed to be. Artificial sweeteners, preservatives, artificial flavouring, food colours, these in no way can be healthy for us in the long run. Organic juices pressed from organically sourced vegetables and fruits etc. provide us with the most natural and healthy form of juices fit for long term consumption.

Organic juices

Organic juices can be the answer to a lot of your health worries. Our bodies go through a lot in terms of our lifestyle, food habits, and stress, not to mention even our sleep habits. Due to such practices, our bodies go through a lot of unseen wear and tear that can very well be shaving off years of our lifespan or giving rise to major health scares in near future. Consuming organic juices just might help you create a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid such problems. Organic juices are high on fibre, nutrients, essential minerals, vitamins and other trace elements that are crucial to our health. Organic juices are also free of contaminants that are associated with conventional farming produces like pesticides, chemical fertilisers and also genetically modified crops.

Benefits of Organic Juices

  1. Nutritional Value: Organic juices are high on nutrients and natural fibres that can boost your health incredibly. Certain organic juices help aid digestion and curb problems of acidity.


  1. Boosts Immunity: Most juices consist of beta-carotenes, phytonutrients, vitamins C, B12 and A that have been proven to boost immunity and strengthen against common cold, cardiovascular disease, lower occurrence risks of cancer, skin damage, liver diseases etc. among many others.


  1. Anti-oxidants: Organic juices provide unadulterated sources of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are very crucial to our health as they prevent and repair the negative effects free radicals have in our bodies. Free radicals are created as a result of bad food habits, lifestyle choices etc. and usually end up damaging our cells by directly affecting our cellular DNA. Many types of anti-oxidants are better absorbed into our bodies through the medium of juices. Some of the anti-oxidants available through organic juices are beta-carotenes, quercetin and lycopene among many others.


  1. Cleanse: Juice cleanses have slowly gained a mass appeal among health conscious people for the benefits they provide devoid of harmful side effects. Juice cleanses are a very effective way of repairing our cells against damage from free radicals, also for getting rid of harmful built up toxins in our systems. Among the varieties of juices available in the market, organic juices are best suited for cleanses as they carry no contaminants that can decrease the health benefits of a juice cleanse.


  1. Weight loss: For people opting to lose weight, organic juices can replace certain foods and provide you with the nutrients you need without involving too many calories. Certain juices like lime or lemon juice can also aid fat loss when consumed in a proper manner.


Organic juices even though very beneficial to health, can have certain downsides when consumed in high quantities. In high quantities, these juices could cause weight gain especially in children. One of the biggest problems of regular consumption of organic juices has to be the price factor, as organic juices can be expensive. Juices can also be harmful for people with diabetes if consumed without moderation. People opting for a juice cleanse should do so only under proper guidance and after proper medical evaluation, moderation is also advised and starving our bodies under no circumstances is advisable.

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