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If you believe in Ayurveda you must truly believe in Amla. There is an incredible list which enlists how beneficial Organic Amla is for our health. Amla is also known as Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry. Amla is often called a rejuvenator of body and various organ systems. It is effective in boosting the immunity and promotes longetivity and growth. It is best anti aging product found abundant in nature.

Why is Amla so beneficial?

Amla is a perfect super food. The powdered amla fruit is the best way of consuming this healthy food. Amla is rich in anti oxidants and this is the reason why it has many benefits for our body. It is very high in Vitamin C which is far more than any citrus fruit.

Some of the anti oxidants found in Amla are:

  • Ellagic
  • Gallic acid
  • Emblicanin A and B
  • Corilagin

These are some of the anti oxidants which make Amla a super food. Another reason why Amla is beneficial, it removes free radicals from our body which causes various diseases and aging in our bodies. This scavenging property of Amla makes it a strong anti oxidant which helps in removal of damaging compounds from our body system.

In a study it was found that Organic Amla is among the four super foods which can hunt and remove superoxide radical from our body, thus making it a super antioxidant. Amla supplements prevent skin damages from harmful UV radiations and pollution. You can also get rid of wrinkles and skin sagging if yo regularly increase the intake of amla in your diet.

Amla treats cancer

The most important research which has been concluded by various scientists all over the globe is that Amla prevents cancer. Indian gooseberry which is a strong anti oxidant is anti inflammatory, chemopreventive, antimutagenic, immunomodulatory and antiproliferative. The mentioned properties of Amla make it beneficial in treatment of cancer.

Amla even protects your DNA from heavy metals and certain carcinogenic compounds.

Amla powder for Diabetes

Typ 2 Diabetes is the most common problem today. The reason behind it is poor diet and lifestyle. Blood glucose levels should always be under control. Keeping this in mind there are various medicines that are been made using Organic Amla powder to bring down the sugar levels.

If you are suffering from Diabetes you can try this at home!

Take 3 grams of Organic Amla powder and have it every day for 10 days. Monitor your blood sugar level; you will see a decline in your readings. If Amla intake is religiously followed it can definitely cure Diabetes without the prescription of any chemical drug.

Reduces heart diseases and ails in Cholesterol control

Heart diseases have become common in our society and are definitely the biggest killer. You will be surprised to know that Organic Amla the biggest anti oxidant and anti inflammatory product can cure heat ailments.

The multifaceted protective properties of Indian gooseberry have also improved the cholesterol levels. We must know that the good cholesterol is the high density lipoprotein and bad cholesterol which is the low density lipoprotein cholesterol. Three grams of Amla powder a day has shown reduction of low density cholesterol in human body.

Other benefits of Amla include prevention of thickening of blood vessels and sticking of blood cells to endothelial lining.

Get use to Organic Amla

Prevention is better than cure, so why not include Amla as daily supplement in our diet. The full spectrum of anti oxidants in Amla does wonders for our body. Amla has cured many diseases and some are under the research study. The most important properties of this fruit are its anticarcinogenic and blood sugar controlling properties.

Powdered Amla or any other form of Amla is inexpensive as compared to other drugs found in the market. This fruit is rich sources of anti oxidants which enhances your health. The wonders of this super food are unknown to other parts of the world. Hopefully Amla benefits won’t be a big secret anymore if we use it to the core.

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