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Pulses or dal as we know them have been consumed for centuries because of the health benefits they have to offer. The dal that we consume is the one whose husk has been removed which means that all the fiber content of the pulses we eat is lost. However, organic dal which has off late flooded the market is a better option when it comes to health benefits associated with consuming any type of dal. Organic dal is dal in its natural form with the husk. In organic dal, husk has not been removed and so it is available in all its natural form along with the fibers. Organic dal is also not polished and has no additives added to it and so is more beneficial for the health. Apart from this, when organic dal is cultivated, no pesticides are used which means that the organic dal we consume is free from pesticides and their harmful effects. The inclusion of organic dal in the daily diet offers several health benefits and boosts the immune system making the body healthy and strong.

Nutritional Value of Organic Dal

Organic dal owes it several health benefits to the various nutritious compounds and elements found in the dal. Organic dal is the richest source of natural proteins. Organic dal contains about 35 % proteins which are much more than what is found in meat and other poultry products. Organic dal is also a rich source of dietary fiber and has very few calories. Organic dal also contains several other vitamins and minerals like molybdenum, folates, tryptophan, manganese, iron, phosphorous, copper, Vitamin B1 and potassium. Organic dal also contains phyto-chemicals and phenols.

Health Benefits of Organic Dal
  • Helps in muscle generation: Organic dal contains a lot of proteins and amino acids which are essential for the development of muscles and tissues. Organic dal helps in the regeneration and repair of muscles and tissues and keeps them strong.
  • Helps to control diabetes: Organic dal contains a lot of dietary fibers that lower the blood sugar and blood glucose levels in the body. The dietary fibers slow down the absorption of food by the blood and thus control the sugar levels in the body eventually helping to control diabetes and prevent the development of type 2 diabetes.
  • Helps to improve digestion: Organic dal contains dietary fibers that aid digestion. Not only organic dal helps to improve digestion process but also helps to relieve digestion problems like constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. It also prevents the prevention of ulcers and infections in the intestinal tracts.
  • Helps to promote heart health: Organic dal does not contain fats and is rich in proteins thereby contributing to heart health. Organic dal contains magnesium which relaxes the cardiovascular muscles and helps to lower blood pressure which in turn helps to keep the heart healthy. The consumption of organic dal protects the heart from heart attacks and strokes.
  • Helps to prevent cancer: Organic dal contains plant lection which is a compound that effects the growth of cancer cells in the body. The lectins cause cytotoxicity and apoptosis which means that they control the growth of cancer cells thus preventing the body from cancers of various types.
  • Helps in weight management: Organic dal is rich in dietary fiber and so increases satiety and keeps one full for a longer time. This ensures that one does not intake extra calories. Also with their high content of proteins, vitamins and minerals, organic pulses increase the metabolism rate and help to burn more fats thus enabling one to lose extra calories. Organic dal therefore helps in weight management.
  • Helps to develop a healthy nervous system: The vitamins and minerals found in the organic dal are essential for the healthy functioning of the brain. Organic dal therefore helps to promote a healthy nervous system and keeps the neurons working in a proper manner and also aids communication between them thus ensuring a healthy nervous system. Vitamin B3 in organic dal also keeps the nervous system healthy.
  • Helps in formation of red blood cells: Organic dal contains folates or folic acid which is essential for the formation of red blood cells in the body. The consumption of organic dal also prevents the red blood cells from DNA damage and maintains homocystine levels in the body.
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