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The teenage life is a troubling one for the one experiencing it, for a variety of reasons. This article is about nutritional health and diet, however, so we'll focus on that.

The teenage and adolescent years are some of the most important years in the life of a human being, at least from a physiological point of view. The body undergoes tremendous change as it transitions from indistinguishable youth to a unique adulthood - and teenagers need adequate nutrition for this growth.

With teenagers, there is the added difficulty of tackling the junk food problem. By that age, they would be well entrenched in the sinister world of soda, chips and deep fried food. We won't deny that that kind of food can be tasty, but it is undeniably unhealthy. Getting your kids out of that vice will be an important part of your diet plan for them, and possibly the most difficult part.

The first thing to do in your attempt to take them off an unhealthy junk-food diet is to cut back on their consumption of sugary drinks and sodas. These are highly acidic and contain more than the recommended daily intake of sugar. Child obesity is a growing problem across the world and sugary drinks are a leading contributing factor.

Teens also have the habit of skipping a meal, usually lunch at school or breakfast, if the parents have to rush out before them. This cannot be allowed to happen, especially breakfast, which in fact is the most important meal of the day. To cover this problem, a sizable cup of oatmeal a day is suggested. The satiating effect will keep them feeling full and give them a large part of their daily requirements. Finally, limit the consumption of fast-food. That's tough, but it's necessary.

With the eating adaptations in place, it's time to more specifically fix a solid diet plan for your growing teenager:

  1. Pasta

Ah, pasta! One of those rare food dishes that can be both healthy and tasty. Pasta is a good source of carbohydrates, iron, fiber and vitamins and minerals. Finish it off with some herbs and sauce and your teen has an enjoyable meal to dig into.

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  1. Quinoa

Quinoa is a seed that is high in dietary fiber, making it excellent for digestion. It's rather tasty and goes well with vegetables. It may not sound like the most appealing dish in the world, but it would a good addition to your teenager's diet.

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  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal packs a punch. It's a satiating food that will keep your kid full for hours and prevent them from wanting to snack on unhealthy junk food. One cup of oatmeal can cover most of the day's nutritional requirements. Giving this to them for breakfast is the perfect idea.

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  1. Dals

Dals are a staple in every Indian household. And a good thing that it is too, for it possesses many benefits. The primary benefit is that it is a rich source of protein, which your teenage child needs for the health of their blood cells and muscles.

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  1. Brown Rice

Every teenager needs iron, without which they may suffer from a lack of energy. A lack of iron in the diet can also lead to iron deficiency anaemia, a more serious problem where the blood cannot store and transport enough oxygen for the body. While it is not a common condition, it is stil important to ensure your child gets their iron.

Brown rice is a good source for iron. That it has many other health benefits make its an all the more better choice than your regular carbohydrate sources.

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A teenager needs the right food to grow into a healthy adult and that can't be done on an unhealthy diet. Eating junk and fast food with regularity can destroy the body, especially the digestive system, and leave it in a less than optimal state permanently. So get this food plan started!


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