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Organic Olive Oil has chiefly existed in the Mediterranean for centuries as the primary edible oil. However, due to its nature and composition, more and more people across the globe have adopted the use of Organic Olive Oil in their diet, be it cooking or salad dressing. Most nutrition experts have evidence that differentiates it from most other edible and cooking oils, owing to the chemical composition of its fatty acids and vitamin content.

When olive oil is organically prepared with minimal mechanization of organically grown olives, the additive free, least processed natural process results in the richest extra virgin Organic Olive Oil. Unarguably, the health benefits of preserving the chemical character of the olives throughout the process work towards eradicating a number of ailments and boosting your body with natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Organic Olive Oil Reduces “Bad Fat” and Helps Lower Cholesterol

Organic Olive Oil is high in mono-unsaturated fat, the “good fat” which is required by the body for proper functioning. However, fast foods consumed by the huge majority of population today raise the “bad fats”, which are also known as LDL cholesterol. Whenever LDL cholesterol rises beyond limits, your risk of heart attack and stroke also rises considerably.

When consuming Organic Olive oil on a regular basis, a two way effect of lowering the “bad fats” and raising the levels of “good fats” has huge benefits on the system and greatly reduces cholesterol and therefore, stress on the heart. This means you have considerably less chances of a heart attack or stroke and can enjoy a much more active lifestyle. A healthy heart diet backed by Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil can automatically create great overall wellness for all body systems, which are directly dependent on smooth functioning of the heart.

Organic Olive Oil is a Natural cleanser for Your Digestive System

It is not surprising how many more people are suffering from stomach, intestinal and pancreatic disorders when compared to number of people treated for the same just a few decades ago. With the fast food industry identifying itself among the youth, middle aged, old and kids alike, food habits and preferences have changed considerably, directly producing more and more gastrointestinal problems including gall stones and stomach and intestinal ulcers.

Surprising as it may sound, but quitting unhealthy food and switching to a diet rich in Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil could be a safe and effective path to preventing and naturally resolving stomach and intestinal ulcers.

Furthermore, Organic Olive Oil helps and promotes the secretion of bile and pancreatic hormones in the body, thus preventing gall stones from forming and creating blockages and painful conditions. Overall, Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil is a digestive agent and helps food convert into energy optimally.

Organic Olive Oil is Rich in Vitamin E and Helps Slow down the Ageing Process

A number of ailments in the body from premature ageing to cancer result from free radicals that damage organs and organ systems throughout your body. Organic Olive Oil, which is rich in vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidantsand has a large number of health benefits.

Extra Virgin Organic Olive oil helps retard and stop the cascade of chemical reactions within the body that might damage organ function. This means that the internal process which leads to formation of cancerous tissue, which is attributed to free radicals, can be stopped by regular consumption of Organic Olive Oil. Furthermore, it has a beneficial effect on the skin and helps fight ageing.

The cardiac and digestive systems are chiefly benefited from the naturally induced health benefits of Organic Olive Oil, and the activity of free radicals is greatly counteracted by its chemical composition. However, this effect is only at the core of a huge number of benefits that precipitate across body systems as you consume Organic Olive Oil, its most pristine form and help fight life threatening illnesses from cancer to diabetes, cholesterol and weight management.


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