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Imagine a situation where you are given a plate of bland food without any aroma or flavor and on the other hand platefuls of food which not only smells good but also looks good; what will you choose? The obvious answer is the food that smells and tastes good. It is rightly said that we eat food with our eyes, nose and tongue. We first see the food, smell the food and then taste the food that appeals to our eyes and nose. None of us like to have bland food and this is why we add spices and condiments to food. Spices and condiments are basically anything extra that we add to food to give it a flavor or a better taste. Spices and condiments find a place in every dish of every possible cuisine that we know of. If spices and condiments are not used in what we eat, we do not like the sight, aroma and the taste of the food.

Why do we use spices and condiments?

The use of spices and condiments in food is not without reason. When food is cooked or processed, its entire natural flavor is lost. This is why when food id being cooked, we can smell them strongly. The use of spices and condiments is done to re- flavor the food. Spices are used to give the food its flavor back while condiments are used to give the food some extra flavor or taste. Sometimes, the food we eat does not have a good natural flavor and spices and condiments are added to give such food a flavor that makes it palatable. Most raw fruits and vegetables have a great natural taste and flavor and we can eat them raw without adding flavors. Spices and condiments can be added to raw fruits and vegetables just to enhance their original taste.

Spices and condiments are good for health

Apart from their property of making food flavored and palatable, spices and condiments are also used and added to food for their health benefits.

Spices and condiments are said to be good for digestion. Spices and condiments are rich in essential oils and phyto- chemicals and so aidthe digestion process. The use of spices helps to treat several digestive disorders and also prevents ulcers from taking place. Spices and condiments are also helpful in keeping the digestive tract healthy and help to counter problems like constipation and other infections. These are also considered good for the health of the intestines and ensure that these function properly.

Spices and condiments help to prevent cancer. Spices and condiments inhibit the growth of cancer cells and also prevent new cancer cells from building. These help the body to fight against colon cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Spices and condiments prevent from several infections. These have anti- bacterial, anti- fungal and anti- inflammatory properties that help the body to fight against various infections and several other food borne illnesses. The use of spices and condiments ensures that the body also is able to fight allergies. Many spices and condiments are also used as antiseptics and disinfectants.

Many spices and condiments are also used to overcome depression and anxiety. Spices and condiments contain several chemicals that release enzymes and hormones in the body that help to overcome anxiety and depression.

Spices and condiments are also used to treat several skin problems. Many spices and condiments are used to treat problems like acne, pimples and burns. Many of these are also used to remove blemishes and treat signs of aging like dark spots. Spices and condiments are used to treat skin diseases and also remove dead skin cells.

Spices and condiments have many other health benefiting affects. These are therapeutic in nature and enhance the overall health of the body. Spices and condiments are rich in flavonoids, essential oils, carotenoids, vitamins A, C and several minerals. These are rich in antioxidants and boost the immunity system of the body. Spices and condiments help to fight several medical conditions like arthritis, inflammation and injuries. The nutrient rich spices and condiments ensure that the body gets the required dose of the beneficial nutrients and thus ensure a healthy body and skin.


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