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Did you know that ghee could actually become your fat burner? It might sound ridiculous to you at the beginning, but wait till you have read this through and you will be in unison too.

No matter which part of the world you are from and what kind of cuisine you like, if you are a food lover, you certainly love ghee! When you are in love with food, it is difficult to remain in love with your waist also. However, with ghee there is a secret mystery to appeasing your taste buds and also staying healthy.

Here are ten interesting facts about organic ghee that you would not have known.


  1. Fat burner

In Ayurveda, it is common practise to make people take pure ghee in an empty stomach in the morning. Ghee is nothing but purified butter which is void of any milk residues. When ghee enters your system, your body switches to fat metabolism wherein it begins to break down fat molecules from the body itself in order to make energy. Hence, this helps burn stored up fats and results in weight loss when taken in small quantities and followed by fat-free diet.

  1. Detoxifier

Many toxins and fatty acids in the body are lipophilic in nature. In other words, they are attracted to other fatty acids. When ghee enters the system, it attracts and pulls out lipophilic toxins from hiding spots which would otherwise be difficult to get rid of. Hence, it actually functions as an effective cleanser.

  1. Gut guard and softener

Ghee is rich in butyric acid which is the main fatty acid that is produced by the good gut microorganisms. It protects the lining of the gut and its walls from infections.

Ghee helps to soften tissues through oleation. It acts as a lubricant, carrying oil that penetrates soft tissues and softens them.

  1. Microbe fighter

Ghee scrubs off bad microorganisms from gut walls while it supports the presence of gut-friendly microorganisms.

  1. Immune booster

Ghee promotes T-cell production in the body. T-cells are the main fighter cells that differentiate to perform different activities involved in an immune response. It has been proven scientifically that those with intestinal tract problems and chronic diseases of the digestive system had much lesser concentrations of butyric acid in their gut and there was no production of butyric acid by good microorganisms in their gut.

An increased level of butyric acid concentration was found to be associated with 80% better immunity levels.

  1. Eye protector

Ghee is rich in Vitamin A and carotenoids that are vital for eye health. Hence, it helps protect macular cells while improving eye sight.

  1. Liver pal

Ghee contains small chain and medium chained fatty acids that are easily digested in the liver and broken down instead of being stored as adipose tissue.

Further to this, Ghee also rips out old bile which is stored and reused by the body. Stored bile is reused more than fifteen times. Ghee forces the old bile to be removed and in turn makes the liver create new bile such that more than ninety percent of old bile is not reabsorbed.

  1. Inflammation controller

Ghee is rich in essential fatty acids that help control inflammation in all parts of the body and especially in joints. Hence, it keeps joints lubricated and also prevents pain due to inflammation.

  1. Energy booster

Did you know that ghee can deliver instant energy? It is easily broken down by the body and releases energy that is effectively used by athletes and children.

  1. Antioxidant Army

Last but not the least; Ghee is rich in conjugated linoleic acids and vitamin A which is a powerful antioxidant combo. They counter the effect of free radicals and protect the body from oxidative damage. In fact, it is recommended for people with ulcerative colitis and is a potential anti-cancer substance.

Ghee allows for detoxification to occur without any drop in mood. It is right that consuming very high quantities of medicine can also become a poison to us. Similarly, ghee needs to be consumed in moderation to be able to enjoy all these health benefits.

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