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Do you love your avocados? There is nothing which can drift you away from this nutritious fruit. It is rich and creamy, filled with good fat, moreover it is a convenient and a portable fruit. There are many ways in which you can consume this wonderful fruit.

You all must have seen brown avocados in some of the fresh fruit stores. You can eat this avocado fruit but it won’t be appetizing. The reason behind this is too much of oxidation of the avocado skin. This brown avocado will be difficult to slice to perfection. If you are planning to prepare your Avocado meal the next day, cover your fruit well with a cling film or a plastic.

Just slicing and serving your avocados cold and fresh is the best way to consume it, however it does not mean you would not like to branch out. A little frying, grilling and battering them are some of the yummiest options for you to try these amazing avocados. If you are planning to grill your rich green avocados, brush enough oil on the cut sides. 30 seconds is all you need for grilling!

Are you planning to fry your avocados? Dip it in a batter of all purpose flour and egg. Add Japanese bread crumbs which will give your Avocados a crunchy texture.

The green Avocados are eaten for their creamy and rich texture. Good quantities of oleic acid in them can make you full. It is always advised to add an acidic touch to your creamy fruit. Add vinegar, cilantro and lime juice to balance the mono-saturated fatty acid levels in your avocados.

Peel your avocados right

The way you peel your avocados can make a huge difference to your health. Many researchers have mentioned that phyto-nutrient content in the nutritious avocados is concentrated on the portions which we generally do not eat. The peel and the seed of rich avocado fruit are the healthiest part of the fruit. The tasty pulp of the fruit does not contain high quantities of the nutrients. The pulp area which is closer to the skin will still have higher nutrients.

Cut your fruit into two half or slice them into wedges. Grasp the outer hard green skin and pull it away from the inner creamy centre. In case some portions of the green skin remain on the fruit, you can remove it with the help of your knife. Over ripe fruits can give you some trouble in peeling the fruit.

How to cut and slice your fruit

  1. It is very important to wash your Avocado fruit nicely before slicing.
  2. Place your fruit lengthwise on a flat surface so that it does not slip.
  3. Slice your fruit into two halves in such a way that the seed remains in tacked in one of the halves.
  4. Now twist and rotate the two halves of your fruit.
  5. You can gently remove the seed by scooping it out with a spoon.

How to select your avocados

Avocado fruit which is ripe and ready to eat is generally soft. However make sure you do not buy the frit with cracks and sunken spots. An avocado with a slight neck is generally riper and is tastier. Avocado fruit which is a bit more firm will be likely to have less cracks and spots on its skin. California Hass Avocado which is world famous is blackish green and has pebbled skin.

A firm avocado can easily be ripened at home using a paper bag. Avocado fruit should not be kept in a refrigerator unless they are ripe. The ripe fruit can later be refrigerated for a week. If you plan to refrigerate your fruit, do not slice it as the fruit may turn brown due to oxidation. In case you have to store a used avocado, keep it safe in a sealed plastic or glass container. You can sprinkle some lemon which will prevent browning of the fruit.

There are many avocados recipes floating all over the internet. However the best way to consume this wonderful fruit is to eat it raw. The unheated form of avocado will store all the nutrients in the fruit.


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