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Fruits are one of the most nutritious types of foods available to man. They are delicious, come in so many different forms and flavours and are filled with the most beneficial nutrients and minerals that benefit the body. And one fruit that not only fulfils all these qualities but also has an extremely rich history attached to it is dates derived from the date palm tree. The date palm tree most likely originated around the area of present day Iraq, but it has been grown in many different part of the world since ancient times. Due to its long history of cultivation, dates hold great cultural significance for many people, and among the Muslim population they are used to break fasts.

An alternate way to enjoy the richness of dates is through Organic Date Bars. These are perfect for eating as an extremely healthy snack as they are easy to store and carry, much more so than actual dates. And just like dates, they carry myriad health benefits that can energize your body and mind. Here are a few reasons date bars can be one of the healthiest snacks in the world:-

  1. They can help in treating digestive disorders

Dates have a curious ingredient in them not known to many people – nicotine. While we usually associate nicotine with tobacco, in smaller quantities it can be quite healthy for the body, especially the digestive system. Nicotine can stop the harmful pathogens from flourishing in our intestines and stomach, thereby helping to promote the growth of useful and friendly bacteria that aid in digestion and proper breakdown of food. For those who suffer from digestive troubles, chewing on a date bar will not only fill your belly but also ensure that your digestive system is in the peak of health.

Moreover, dates also contain fiber and amino acids that ensure that all the nutrients you consume are actually absorbed by your body.

  1. They are incredibly good for your bones

Dates, and date bars are extremely rich sources of a number of essential minerals. Minerals like magnesium, copper and selenium are found in abundance in dates and these minerals are crucial for building and maintaining healthy bones in your body. Also, as people age their bones and joints start getting weak due to wear and tear. Due to their rich mineral content, dates can help old people stave off the onset of painful conditions like osteoporosis.

  1. They can help reduce the effects of allergies

Dates have another uncommon component which gives it great importance from a health perspective – sulphur. Sulphur isn’t found in a lot of foods and it can help people who are suffering from seasonal allergies to control and treat their symptoms effectively.

  1. They can ease you out of a hangover

If you’ve had a night out partying with your friends, chances are you’d be going through a terrible hangover the next morning. In that case, munching on a date bar may help ease the misery as it has a sobering effect on the body.

  1. They can provide you with a quick energy fix

If you work long hours or generally find yourself getting tired during the workday, you need a pick-me-up so that the tiredness doesn’t affect your work. In such a situation, having a healthy snack like date bar can be the difference between impressing your boss and having to work overtime. Dates are an amazing bundle of energy and contain a number of natural sugars like fructose, sucrose and glucose. All these can provide you with the essential burst of energy you require in the afternoon to finish the day on a high!

Date bars are the next best thing to eating dates and the best snack you can carry to your workplace. Even children who may have trouble eating the fruit will relish the taste and nutrition found in date bars.

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