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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as many will tell you. It is the first meal we eat after we wake up, it is the meal we eat before we leave for our offices to work and it is the meal that is going to sustain us through the gruelling morning hours and all the tension and stress that come with it. Your breakfast should equip you with enough energy and nutrients to take on all these challenges and also provide you with nutrients that improve your overall health.

A breakfast favourite of healthy people is Poha. Poha is derived from beaten rice flakes which are then dried for at least two days. During this drying process, fermentation occurs further enriching the poha with vitamin B and useful probiotic bacteria. Organic Poha can be mixed with a number of ingredients to produce a fantastic breakfast, full of nutrients and energy. Here are a few amazing nutritional benefits of poha that will convince you that it deserves a place on your breakfast table:-

  1. It is an easily customizable dish

One of the best things about including poha in your breakfast is that you can very easily customize it to your taste and nutritional needs. You can add several ingredients to your poha to suit your dietary requirements – everything from fresh vegetables, dry fruits, peanuts, sprouts and even eggs can be added to poha and they all can come together to provide you with enough energy and nutrition to last a long time. And best of all, it will always taste great!

  1. It provides you with energy in the morning

Our body requires energy to go through the tough routine of the morning – waking up, getting dressed, taking the commute and finally working at the office. Most of the energy our body needs comes from carbohydrates and poha is filled with this energy providing substance. In fact, poha is one of the healthiest sources of carbs – carbs in poha are rich in fiber.

Not only does poha give you all the energy you need, it does so in a way that leaves you fresh and raring to go. Unhealthy sources of carbs often have the opposite effect – they make you feel lazy and drowsy which is something you definitely don’t want early in the morning.

  1. It is a great source of iron

Iron is one of the most essential minerals required by our body. And what better way to fulfil this need early in the morning with your breakfast? Poha is packed with iron – 100 mg of poha contains roughly 20 mg of iron. This iron will help you keep diseases like anaemia at bay. Moreover, adequate consumption of iron also increases your haemoglobin count. This results in greater oxygenation of the blood, meaning your body becomes more healthy and immune to several diseases.

  1. It is good for patients of diabetes

People who are suffering from diabetes don’t respond very well to rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels. This can cause severe complications in diabetic patients and a number of unhealthy breakfast options (sweets and junk food) can do that to the body. On the other hand, poha is well known to be a slow releasing sugar. This means that the blood sugar levels will not rise or fall suddenly, but will instead build up and perish slowly, keeping the harmful effects of diabetes away.

  1. It is perfect for weight watchers

Poha is a vital part of a weight conscious diet. Due to its fiber content, it improves the digestion process and ensures that all the fats in the body are digested and don’t accumulate. In addition to this, it is also extremely filling and energizing which means that you won’t feel bloated after your breakfast. A small amount of poha will satiate your appetite and ensure you don’t overeat right at the start of the day.

Poha is one of the healthiest breakfast options out there and these health benefits are a testament to that claim. So if you want a bright and healthy start to your day, try it out and feel the difference!

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