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Jamun is one of the most famous fruits in the Indian subcontinent due to its historical and religious significance. Also popularly referred to as jambul or black plum, it is an evergreen plant native to South and South-East Asia which has a long history of medicinal use from ancient times. Recent medical research has held up these myriad health benefits of Jamun and it is now believed to be a carminative and diuretic substance that improves the health and condition of the heart, digestive system, the spleen and other vital parts of the body.

Organic Jamun Extract is derived using no harmful chemical and solvents and contains extracts of the pulp of the Jamun fruit along with its seeds, helping you to avail the benefits of this amazing fruit in an easily manageable way. To illustrate the great quality of Jamun, here is a list of its numerous nutritional benefits:-

  1. Improves the condition of diabetes patients

Jamun is considered to rank low on the glycaemic index which means that it can be consumed by diabetics without fear of aggravating their blood sugar to a harmful level. In fact, Jamun can help to reduce blood sugar levels among diabetics by a significant 30%. Moreover, Jamun also contains a type of glucose known as jamboline which regulates the conversion of starch to sugar and can thus help in controlling the diabetic’s condition.

In addition to directly controlling blood sugar levels in diabetics, Jamun also lowers the risk of several secondary complications that can arise due to diabetes.

  1. Helps to maintain cardiovascular health

The Jamun fruit contains a number of amazing compounds and nutrients that can help to keep your heart and cardiovascular system in the pink of health. First, a variety of anti-inflammatory compounds like anthocyanins and anthocyanidins bestow their effect on the heart, ensuring that it doesn’t succumb to harmful inflammations. Secondly, these compounds also exhibit anti-oxidant properties which mean that harmful plaque cannot build up in your arteries and constrict blood flow to and from your heart. And finally, Jamun is rich in potassium (100 g of Jamun contains nearly 55 mg of potassium) which is a well-known vaso-dilator. This means that it helps to ease the tension in the blood vessels, allowing easy flow of blood and lowering the risk of hypertension.

All these effects combine to make Jamun one of the healthiest foods for your heart!

  1. It can help in cancer treatment

Jamun is rich in a number of polyphenols such as anthocyanins, a compound that is well-known to reduce the risk of cancerous cells emerging in the body. In addition to this, Jamun can also be very healthy for patients of cancer that are undergoing radiation therapy as it has shown radioprotective properties. This means that Jamun can protect your body from the harmful side-effects of radiation therapy (which include free radical damage), thus making the cancer treatment much more effective and the chances of recovery much higher.

  1. It has anti-microbial properties

Jamun also comes with a rich dose of compounds like malic acid, oxalic acid, tannins etc. which are well-known to exhibit anti-bacterial properties. This makes Jamun an important addition to any treatment of bacterial infections.

  1. Boosts immunity and haemoglobin

Jamun is extremely rich in several minerals and nutrients, the most important being vitamin C and iron. Vitamin C is very important for your body as it helps to boost its immunity and keep harmful diseases and infections at bay. On the other hand, the iron in Jamun is essential in boosting the haemoglobin count in the blood, thus improving blood oxygenation. This leads to a host of health benefits, from better skin to prevention of anaemia.

Jamun is very well-known for its amazing medicinal properties, but a few words of caution must be remembered while consuming it – pregnant as well as nursing women should try to stay off Jamun and so should people who have recently undergone surgery. Also, excessive use of Jamun may lead to body aches, fever or coughing and should be avoided. As with any food, consume it in moderation and it will definitely make you healthier!

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