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Black Rice can easily be ranked as one of the top ten healthiest foods. Initially, only served to the privileged few in Asia in history, has now become a hot selling item at health stores all over the world. It is true that a ‘low-carb’ diet does wonders to your figure; however, when it comes to Black Rice you simply cannot ignore its superb health and healing benefits.

Not only is Black Rice the best anti-oxidant, but it controls cancer growing cells, Diabetes, heart diseases and the list goes on. With respect to the way you look, it’s great to help you shed that extra weight and has wonderful anti-aging properties, which promises to leave your skin youthful and supple.

A word of caution; since Black rice bring lowers the level of sugar in the body, one should keep check of what the right quantity for you should be. Especially if you are already taking strong medication to control the level your sugar related problems.

With its bitter after taste, the following recipes will definitely help you spice up your meal. If the ingredients are organic then the health benefits are far better.

  • Black Rice Jhaal Muri- Jhaal Muri is a popular snack in Bengal. It is made by roasting rice in sand, till the rice puffs up.

Once you have the Muri ready all you need to add is some tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, roasted peanuts, lime juice, rock salt, chopped coriander leaves and some chopped green chillies. Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well. If you wish you could also add in some sprouts.

  • Black Rice and Pesto- This is easy to stir up in your kitchen. You need to make it in three parts.
1. Preparing the Black Rice

2. Getting the Pesto ready

3. The Topping to make the dish look pretty

To Start with, pour some oil in a pressure cooker, and cook one finely chopped onion, till it is translucent. Add a cup of Black Rice (after washing it) and stir it for a few minutes till the oil has blended well with the rice. You may use a little cooking wine if you please. Pour in some stock (vegetable or meat) also the same to be cooked in the pressure cooker. The rice should be well done and not hard.

Now while the rice is cooking; add a whole garlic, about 50gms of spinach leaves,  handful of basil leaves some parmesan cheese,1/4 cup of blanched almonds, a little bit of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of lime juice and salt. Blend it all in a blender, till a fine paste is made.

Mix the Black Rice with the Pesto sauce, while serving sprinkle some parmesan cheese and lime zest.

  • Black Rice Payasam- Controlling the amount of sweets one consumes can definitely do wonders to your health, but if its key ingredient is Black Rice then you shouldn’t worry about cheating.

If it’s a litre of milk, you would need about a cup of Black Rice, half a cup of almonds finely chopped and organic sugar as per taste.

Bring the milk to boil, add sugar and wait for the milk to thicken, Add the Black Rice after washing it.  Add half the almond and till the entire mixture thickens. Add the rest of the almonds when you serve this healthy sweet dish.

  • As sticky rice on sushi- Black Rice is usually sticky after you prepare it. So, next time you make sushi, consider using Black rice instead of the usual more fattening white.
  • Black Rice Salad- Boil the Black Rice and then run the same under cold water. Add some rice vinegar and mix well. Add salt to taste. Add some bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and corn. Heat the mix on the flame for a few minutes or put in the microwave for about two minute and stir well after.


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