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Black rice otherwise known as the forbidden rice has far more nutritional values than the other colored rice varieties available today. Brown rice is usually consumed by the health conscious population; however black rice has far better and impressive health benefits than brown rice has, or for that matter even red rice or the like. It is hugely in demand at almost all the leading health stores all over the world.

Black rice is rich in fibers, full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The medicinal advantages of black rice controls diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and helps control ones weight. Black rice is also synonymous with power rice and magic rice, due to the wonders it does to your body.

Black rice is very commonly prepared in eastern and south-eastern Asia for centuries. In fact, Black rice was considered a royal delicacy in ancient China. It was believed and now proved that a small spoonful of Black Rice provides great many nutritional gifts to one’s system that is sure to keep one healthy and fit.

Black rice has become largely popular and the world rants and raves over its wonderful health benefits and attuned tastes buds to its slight bitter after taste, it is slightly more expensive than the regular rice that one gets in the markets.Moreover, since Black Rice has properties that help to decrease the level of blood sugar, one must also keep check of how much Black Rice one should consume.

What are the wonders of Black Rice?

The reason why Black Rice is known as the forbidden rice is because it was reserved for the royalty and elite in ancient China, however, let’s discuss why Black Rice should not be forbidden for the mass anymore.

  • Anti-oxidants- Black Rice has the highest amount of Anthocyanin anti-oxidants that are found in any other food.The deep black or purplish color (depending on the variety), is an indication to the high anti-oxidant properties that Black Rice possesses. The Anthocyanin anti-oxidant properties in Black rice help to keep in control and has cured (in early stages), diseases like various cardio-vascular diseases, Cancer, brain related diseases, inflammation and controls diabetes. Since diabetes is a hereditary issue, it is safer to indicate that Black Rice will keep the diabetes at check.
  • Vitamin E- Black Rice is rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is great for the skin, helping the skin to remain firm and supple. It helps reserve the youthfulness in the skin. In other words, it is a natural great anti-aging food. So in addition to trying some of the anti-aging products, you could add Black Rice to your diet.Vitamin E is great for yours eyes and improves your immunity system.
  • Keeps Heart ailments at check-Introducing Black Rice to your daily diet will control the level of cholesterol in the body. The rich fibers and anti-oxidant properties flush out the cholesterol in your blood, thus cleansing the blood and naturally thinning it. This is a great way to control heart attacks and blockages in the arteries.
  • Detoxifies the body- Black Rice is an excellent natural detoxifier. Black Rice is full of fiber and clears the digestive system. Additionally the nutrients naturally help to clean the body, giving it that natural glow. It is popularly, believed that the natural glow that the body emits is a great indicator, of how healthy the body actually is. Black Rice helps you to clean your system from inside, clearing the body off all the unwanted toxins.
  • Controls the forming of stones in the body- Since ancient times Black Rice is always considered to be have great healing properties for the stomach, Kidney and liver. Thus, it helps the digestion system to function without any interferences-like formation for kidney stones or gallbladder stones. How so? The fibers and anti-oxidant properties naturally flush out the wastes in the body which insidiously, cause these unnatural stones and blockages in the gastro-system.


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