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Porridge is a dish that has been around for centuries, fueling the appetites and nutritional requirements of hard working labourers who helped build modern cities and towns. Dalia is one type of porridge, popular in the Indian subcontinent. It offers several health benefits and remains a staple amongst all classes of society. A lot can be done with it in terms of taste and it's simple cooking process lends itself to being a breakfast regular.

It's not at all a bad idea to include more dalia in your diet. Throwing in a few spices gives a completely different flavour profile, making it far more appealing than the dull and tasteless porridge everyone must have once eaten. It's also a good choice for breakfast for the children, given all its health benefits.

Wheat porridge provides the benefits written below, all of which are offered by  Pushtahar Dalia. You should definitely consider introducing it into your diet.

1. High Fiber

All types of oats contain fibre, which facilitates digestion. Porridge contains both soluble and insoluble fibre, which when consumed, prevents abnormal bowel movements. Soluble fibre also regulates blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

The fiber content also plays an important role in regulating appetite, which puts a stop to overeating. If you've ever eaten porridge, you'll know how filling a single bowl can be. That's the fiber acting.

2. Aids Muscle Recovery.

Athletes frequently consume wheat porridge. This is because it contains large amounts of phosphorous, which helps the kidney filter waste and aids in muscle recovery. A single serving of wheat porridge satisfies the greater portion of your daily intake.

If you exercise frequently or if you're building your body, then dalia becomes an essential item on your daily menu.

3. Satisfies Energy Requirements

It was not for nothing that manual labourers would consume porridge. It is rich in carbohydrates, especially complex carbs, which supply the body with energy. Complex carbs are broken down slowly over the course of the day, giving you energy that lasts over an extended period of time. A serving of dalia in the morning will keep you going strong well into the day.

4. Combats Type 2 Diabetes

It is believed that a steady diet of oats can reduce the chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes by upto 30%. That is a staggering number, and if true, demands that we include dalia in our diet. The high magnesium content is what is believed to play the major role here, because it is involved in the creation of enzymes that control insulin secretion.

5. Lowers Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

We've already mentioned how dalia reduces cholesterol, but it also maintains blood pressure levels and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. The latter is a growing problem amongst us, and if something can be done to mitigate it, it should be considered.

6. Raises Immunity

Wheat porridge is rich in many vital nutrients, not the least of which are vitamins. A particularly abundant nutrient in dalia is Vitamin A, which helps in cell and tissue growth and reproduction, amongst other things. A cup of dalia covers nearly three quarters of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin A, killing many birds with one stone.

7. Weight Management

Oats and whole grains are frequently advised to those who seek to lose weight or at least manage it. This is because they are very filling substances that are low in calories. You'll meet your appetite's desires but you won't be putting on much weight because it creates the sensation of being full. And since it covers a large part of your daily nutritional needs, you're not missing out on a particular aspect of your diet.

You won't find many dishes that possess the qualities of taste, low cost, ease in cooking and nutrition. Dalia is a rare exception to this. Even if you don't plan to eat it every day, the occasional dalia dish still greatly contributes towards your health and well being. The arguments are there that make it at least worth trying. And it's been around for centuries, so it surely must be worth something, right?

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