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Green Juice has become a rage in the fitness world today. Not sonly does a glass of Green Juice promise you weight loss but it comes with a host of several other benefits that fill your body with a numerous health riches, starting from controlling cholesterol, to sugar to youthful skin and hair, or simply just aenergy booster. The key to Green Juice however, is making the perfect cocktail using the right mix of fruits and vegetables. To start with you are recommended to use pesticide free, GMO free food, thus use purely organically grown fruits and vegetables for the best results. Invest in a good juicer.

Every recipe usually has standard ingredients like, apples and cucumbers. The reason as to why they usually used for every recipe is due to their cooling properties that are good for the gastric system. It is also important to note that any vegetable can be juiced or added to the juices mentioned below, like broccoli, bell peppers, beans, sweet potatoes, kale and the like. 

Another important thing to remember while having Green Juice is that try not straining the juice after blending it. The reason for the same would be to retain the fibers, this would add to the fiber content in your diet and help flush out the bacteria in your intestines. The mixture would be pulpy but the ultimate aim is good health.

Here are five simple recipes that you could start with are mentioned below.

  • Recipe 1- Basil Apple Cucumber Juice

A handful of Basil leaves, 2 Cucumbers, 2 Apples (green is preferred). Put the ingredients in a blender and get your juice, after removing the core of the apples. Try and not to strain it, in order to retain the fiber. Add lime as per your taste.

The taste is a bit tangy, however the lime brings in the flavor and the apples are the natural sweeteners.

  • Recipe 2- Popeye’s secret

A bunch of spinach, 2 Lemons (or more as per taste), 1 Cucumber, 1 Pear and 2 Apples is all you need. Squeeze the lime of its juice, remove the core from the apples, and skin the cucumber if you like. Put the spinach leaves and the stem (only if soft), the cucumber, pear and apples in the blender and enjoy. You may choose not to peel the cucumber, apple and pear.

The taste will be slightly strong due to the spinach, but it is a during rich in iron.

  • Recipe 3- Honey Drop Juice

2 Cucumbers, 2 Apples, a bit a ginger, 2 table spoons of honey and lime. Put the cucumbers (after peeling them if you like) the apples (after removing the core) a bit of ginger in the blender and let it mix well. Add the lime juice and 2 teaspoons of honey.

This is a very soothing and refreshing drink. The ginger and honey complement each other very well, the lime simply adds to the flavor.

  • Recipe 4- The Pineapple Punch

All you need is 1 Cucumber, 1 Apple without the core, a cup full of pineapple, 1 full ginger, and the juice of two lemons a little more than half a cup of parsley. Put them all in the blender and your juice is ready.

The taste is slightly sweet. This Green Juice is also a home remedy to rid allergies and sniffles.

  • Recipe 5- The Wholesome Meal

This recipe promises to fill up an energy booster surely.

What you needs is a bunch of spinach leaves, 1 carrot, 1 green bell pepper, 1 beetroot, 1 cucumber, 1 tomato, 2 apples and lime juice to flavor.

Put the ingredients in a blender and mix well. You need to flavor the juice with a bit of rock salt and lime for it to be tastier. It’s full of vitamins and nutrients and you should really wonder about the taste for this one.



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