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Green Juice  is the new mantra for a healthier and vitamin rich existence. So what is Green Juice? A variety of vegetables and a pinch of fruits together in ablender will provide you with the best glass of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. In a fast paced word the Green Juice is a quick swing of the best health benefits that nature can provide to you. From every celebrity to a health conscious person juicing your vegetables is the key to a healthy life.

What is so special about Green Juice in the first place? The green leafy vegetables have chlorophyll in them, which help the plants make their food, or rather provide them with the energy to survive. By juicing these leafy vegetables one gets the benefit of the chlorophyll. The key component need for our blood is iron. However, the key component in chlorophyll is magnesium, but experiments have proved that the chemicals within the human biological framework are able to convert the chlorophyll into hemoglobin supporting chemicals which enrich the blood. Moreover, if you retain the fiber, in the vegetables that you blend you also get the benefit of the extra fiber to clean your intestines.

Before we go one about the good that Green Juice does it is important to note that, anyone any have Green Juice. However, if you or your loved one has a kidney related problem, then consult your doctor first before indulging in the same.

  • Full of vitamins- Green Juice will provide you with your daily does of good health and natural vitamins. It’s a cocktail of the leafy green vegetable, which you can easily spice up according to our own personal taste. Pure Organic fruits and vegetables are highly recommended for the highest and purest form of a multi-vitamin shot. If you are kind of a person who is not too fond of vegetables then this is the perfect way to enrich your body with a daily dose of vegetables.
  • Reduces cholesterol- The human palette has become accustomed to the insidious taste of junk food without which some of us can’t seem to get enough of. It is practically a no brainer that no matter how little we indulge in French fries or a single slice of pizza, we are subjecting ourselves to getting cholesterol. Green juice flushes out the cholesterol from the system and helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body. This is mainly because Green Juice acts as a blood cleaner, which cleanses the blood from the evils of bad cholesterol.
  • Controls sugar and diabetes- Research has indicated that regular consumption of the green juice will have positive effects on a diabetic patient. The sugar content in green juice is much lower than in a glass of your favorite fruit juice. Moreover the Green Juice will provide more nutrients. The contents of the vegetables will naturally help to lower the level sugar in the body for a person who has high sugar.
  • Helps to lose weight- for a person interested in losing weight, green juice s definitely the new mantra. A correct amalgamation will, contain natural fat burners. The fat that it helps burn literally, gets flushed down the toilet. 
  • Helps retain that youthful glow in the skin- Green juice is rich in vitamins, the vitamin content will feed the skin with the nutrients and help keep the skin subtle and acne free. Green juice will purify the blood, flush out the toxins from the system and make ones skin look healthier, youthful and nourished. It even helps your body odor problems.
  • Does wonders to digestive system- Green Juice acts as a natural anti-bacterial tonic. It relaxes any gastric ulcers. Clear the cholesterol and helps prevent gallbladder stones. It also enhances the bowel movement, thus clearing ones systems and making it healthier.

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